The ShyGuys Are Back!

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  1. I know earlier this year I sent a thread saying the shy guys are done but guess what, we're not!!! The PvP Group, The ShyGuys started off as 3 people, Me zabuza9 and ShyNub. Well Guess what, we're back bigger than ever. The shy guys have Rejoined forces and now we are one of the biggest PvP Groups in The whole EMC server! (Pic attached). So come down to Zabuza9 2 on Smp6 to check out our Pvp area!

  2. I wouldn't say that big, but we are very friendly, we do PVP for fun, no likes or dislikes, we use what we can use to kill in PVP, and have fun at the same time. Take it from me, I am manager after all, and I should really make the Shyguy's Creed...
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  3. True.. Im assistant Manager as well. We will make the shy guys a Huge community in the future.
  4. Bump for the Shyguys
  5. I challenge the entire shy guy group to a (however many) vs me one day! ;)
  6. Team Red challenges the ShyGuys to create a team and do the UHC on the 25th, so we can merk them.
  7. @PMSubhan Sure, when?

    @Nccoryg We won't be doing UHC, we are not a UHC team (And recent history, we don't want 15+ members getting banned all at once :^), we are only a PVP team. But yeah, we may try UHC, I will discuss this in the next meeting soon.
  8. am I still a part or naw xD
  9. Well if I am correct, we still need your head, then you are a part of the shyguys :p
  10. I'll mail it to ya
  11. I can do nearly any time on the weekend. Let me know when you are available.
  12. I'll join PMSubhan, if he wants, in the Shyguys vs Him
  13. ShyGuys Vs PMsubhan. Will be discussed next meeting Between the managers
  14. You guys don't pvp enough :/ Whenever I check no one is there :)
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  15. ohh and Aussiezaid you forgot about me
  16. We do it occasionally, we aren't that obsessive like other people <.<
  17. Calling names much. :confused: I have taken a bit of a break :p Had to work on a project.
  18. Your another pvp nut? Much concerning/confuzzling :confused:
  19. Ill join you ;)
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  20. #StopTheKnockin'
    Lol anyways Subhan I am always up for a pvp with or against you. Same with you ShyGuys.
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