The Scribes of Creation's Tempest

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  1. Welcome artists, observers, travelers all, to the Scribes of Creation's Tempest!
    We are a group of world builders who try and make the most of our boring universe, by making up and exploring new ones!

    What is worldbuilding you might ask? Well describes it as such:
    The construction of a world, especially a convincing fictional world for literature etc
    What we want to do is build worlds, galaxies, universes for the good people of the Empire to enjoy in various forms.

    What do we do?
    The Scribes goal is rather simple: to build worlds (both in Minecraft and out), populate and fill them with wonderful lore, and spread our stories from them to the world!

    Within Minecraft - We would start by having someone make a map using any sort of software. We would then add peoples and their culture as well as wild animals and regional maps and such, we would then add three or more big plot lines to the world and adjust the map(s) accordingly. Following this we would make tons (30+) smaller branching stories that can be completely isolated or intertwining. Then the actual building of the world within the game would begin. First a map making software called World Painter would be utilized to make the overall geography of the region, following that structures, cities, and smaller points of geography would be made. Finally all story elements would be added.

    Outside of Minecraft - Same thing, just without the in game elements and more story ;)

    Grandmaster - fluffinator09
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    Cartographers -
    Writers -
    Mod Programmers -
    (More positions will be added as needed)

    That's really all you need to know. But if this group interests you please look below to join!

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    Examples of Previous Work:
  2. Oh, wow! Very interesting, but I don't think I'm willing to devote the time to a project like this I think it'd deserve.
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  3. It is not so much a project but more a guild.
  4. I am still kind of lost about this project... maybe add some information on this topic, and add some information on what server, and all it will be built on.
  5. Quite interesting I typically build small villages not worlds but I can think about this. Maybe I will make a portfolio for this.
  6. Thank you for your feedback, will do!