The screenshot thread!

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  1. This is a thread to post your favorite screenshots, just no excessive spamming. I'll start with 3:
    2012-12-31_23.27.55.png 2012-10-24_17.41.40.png 2013-01-03_17.30.54.png
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  2. We're did you get the pictures of justinguy and icecreamcow

  3. Me as Jake, Sonic was Finn in both of those and Brit is Lemongrab.
  4. I'm pretty sure the IcC one is from the day of EMCon, not sure where the Justin one came from though. Anyway, here are mine. The first one is from the old mob arena that was in the Smp5 wilderness, then the second one is from the return of Justin-featuring sponge! 2012-09-16_23.17.00.png 2012-09-21_18.51.21.png
  5. AHA! I knew someone called her a Purple Hippo. xD I couldn't remember who but everyone started calling Max a purple hippo.
  6. The justinguy one was from the new years party, and the ICC one was from the day he fixed the nether spawn.

  7. This was for someone's bday party on smp2. I was Rainbow Dash for the pony pic :D

    I know it was very un-pirate like but I don't care!
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  8. 2012-11-23_05.13.53.png
    Captured panda 11-23-12
    Some Vets at Jabr 1 year celebration Firework display "pre-firework update"
    Party at LLO , 10-16-12
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  11. You are ready to shoot!
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  12. Attached Files:

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  13. I think I'll see that face in my nightmares lol.
    What was that from?
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  14. Me and Lily :)
  15. Haha, it was the day JustinGuy returned and JackBiggin had us all in the glass box dropping stuff on us and torturing us until Justin logged into SMP1. I think this is IcecreamPepper and he was just standing there like this the whole time and I think just about everyone got an up close view of his face like this.
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  16. lol, remember that, I think I was on the outside thankfully enough.

    Anyway, I think I will take the time to dump some of my personal favourites.
    2012-12-01_04.40.17 (2).png 2012-12-18_22.24.28.png 2013-01-01_05.00.49 (2).png
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  17. Haha I remember Zabriel looking like that several times from Mob Arena. I think right after that he had that many plus two sticking straight up out of the top of his head.