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  1. Ok everyone, I was in my Home Economics class around a week ago when my teacher told us our assignment for this weekend: Take care of a doll that simulates a 4-month old infant. Yes, an infant doll that we're being graded on. Basically, we have to respond to the doll's crying (which will be once every two hours on average), for the three weekend nights and two weekend days. When we respond, we also have to initiate the care it needs, and we have to figure out what it needs too. Also, we have to record in a diary each time it cries, which includes the care needed and what we were doing at the time (I can't wait to write "Playing Minecraft" in almost every space for that over the weekend:p).
    Personally, I think it will be kind of fun. On this thread, I want to hear reactions, comments saying "Sorry for you, bro" or "Stinks for you, I'm homeschooled :p", or whatever story you have to this project. And is there anyone out there who has had to do this while in middle school too?
  2. Might be able to send you some sulfuric acid or nitric acid...I think that and your doll will react quite well :p
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  3. I was home schooled for middle school so luckily I didn't have to do that type of stuff. So it cries for every 2 hours? That must suck because that only means that you'll have to wake up every 2 hours at night time. Being home schooled rocked cause I got done early and was able to play minecraft sooner. But now I'm going back to high school... so I won't be on as much. Good luck with the doll! :D
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  4. A baby doll that cries every two hours...hmm...if you're doing this project right now, does it cry at night? If it does, bro, I feel bad for you. I love my sleep! I used to hate going to bed, but now I love it! I'm so glad I never got this project because I would've either ignored the baby's crying, or throw it out the window. This should be a fun experiment for you.
  5. I forgot to say that if something happens to the doll it negatively impacts our grade. :p
  6. Ouch.
  7. and this is why I didn't take home economics :p Good luck with that, pretty sure that it won't be "fun" when it wakes you up at 3 AM XD
  8. Ya, for Middle School and High School, everyone wants their beauty sleep.
  9. I once wished something like this happened to me, I had to take care of something. All my 'home economics' class teaches is cooking, so yeah. There's more to a home than just cooking.
  10. I'm actually taking cooking class in high school. We haven't begun cooking yet, but next week we are making this cookie bars.
  11. do you happen to sell that because I am a huge fan of acids (I need them for my research)
  12. good luck on taking care of this doll! I would die after the first two seconds. p.s. figure out how to turn it off and pretend that you took care of it
  13. At least at our school, here's how it works for Home Ec./Family and Consumer Sciences (that's the actual class name, but it's practically home ec.):
    6th Grade Curriculum-Cooking/Kitchen work.
    7th Grade Curriculum-Clothing/Sewing work.
    8th Grade Curriculum-Parental unit/lab (this project mainly).
    The project counts as 50% of my grade as well, I do believe. And as for sleep, the reason why we're doing this over Labor Day weekend is because the babies turn off automatically on the Monday morning you head back to school, so the day off is for us to sleep in. At least my teacher thought of us a little bit when she introduced us to her "minion army". :p
  14. do you have any pictures of this "army"
  15. Minion Army-The dolls, basically. I don't have any pictures right now, maybe when I get mine on Friday I'll post a pic of it.
  16. So...has anyone ever had to something like this before? The program is called Baby-Think-It-Over, I'm surprised no one else seems to know about it.
  17. I have heard of it, and know a lot about it :p
    Luckily, I don't have to take it though.