The Scary Picture thread!

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  1. This is the thread for all those PICTURES that won't let you sleep!
    Put all images in spoilers
    Name WHAT the picture is and WHERE it is from

    The crooked man, From: The Crooked man (PC game)
  2. Somewhat of a bump i guess
    kayako saeki, from The Grudge. (Stairs scene)
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  3. how do i make these "spoilers"?
  4. "[.spoiler.] Blargh! [./spoiler.]" Remove the .'s, and input whatever you want for "Blargh!" and bam, spoiled.
  5. every single picture here
    ... i did plan on putting actual pictures, but while looking for them, i started freaking out. i can't even look at them. *shivers* ..... EXTREMELY terrified of spiders.
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  6. Dear jesus.
  7. exactly how i feel about what i linked to.
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  9. Dear heaven...
    I'm not sleeping tonight...

  10. Jeff the killer.
  11. Saw it coming from a mile away ;)
  12. now i would upload my mahs teacher but i got no picture of her, either permission to do so
    but when u saw her first time i broke my arm to wake didnt work
  13. That looks kinda familiar to me...
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