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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'd like to announce my new business, the Sandcastle!

    The business will be mainly focused on the trade of sand and a few related products such as glass.
    My pricing strategy will be based on my surrounding market throughout the ten servers.
    Products will be sourced from shops and malls, bulk suppliers, and you, if you're got a shovel and you know where in the Wastelands you need to go to dig sand.

    Why sand? Because it is the most abundant non-renewable resource not found in Town, and there is a serious market opportunity. From my research, the valuation of one stack of sand varies between 20r and 98r.

    I will be selling to everyone with the coin. Bulk orders are greatly welcomed.

    In the future, I hope to be shifting away from trading sand, and towards diamonds, then Nether Stars, then EMC exclusive items, then Dragon Eggs and other items coming in the planned string of updates on Aikar's glorious roadmap.

    Another thing I hope to be working on is the actual shop. Right now, it is a 42x42 sand-walled enclosure in the centre of my residence. I want to make it an actual sandcastle, made mostly from sand, glass and torches. As I acquire more funds, I hope to complete the sandcastle, complete with a central observation tower extending to the height limit :)

    One more thing: if you know anyone who's buying or selling sand, pm me. I am in the process of compiling a list of everyone in the sand market, it contains 12 names so far, so whether they're bulk suppliers or big malls, send me a pm! If you give me a name I haven't seen before, and it's profitable, you could receive a reward of 1,000r, and that includes if it's yourself :)
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  2. Can I have some bulk prices? I might buy a DC. Do you also sell sandstone?
  3. I'll take a look at some bulk pricing later today. We don't sell sandstone.
  4. While me and Kman figure out that order, I'd like to announce I am searching for some employees!

    I am currently looking at the possibility of building my own supply chain for some bulk materials. The idea is, instead of having to buy off other malls and bulk merchants, I will have a team of elves, and whenever I get an order, I can put up a notice for my elves, and they can go fetch me the materials I need for the order, which I can then sell to the client.

    I've ditched the idea of selling sand by the stack to the average consumer. I'm not in the business of getting rich through tiny transactions, I'm in the business of making serious money through serious large-scale deals, whether these deals involve hauling huge quantities of items, or a single item worth a million rupees. To reflect this, I've rearranged the shop, and my only dealings with non-bulk quantities of items will be buying them through the shops on my res.
  5. It all sounds great. Do you even have an idea of price? Or are you not trading yet?
  6. At this moment in time, a stack of sand costs no more than 95r, but I promise discounts if you buy a lot.
  7. Will be buying from this o3o
  8. Good to hear! I'm planning to fix up an information centre for interested buyers, I'll have that up today, and you can learn about my pricing and the like from that :)

    May I ask what you want and in what quantity? If you would like multiple things, just mention what you will need the soonest :)
  9. A Dc of Sandstone :p
  10. I will message you on that now :)
  11. Bump!
    I'm still buying sand, and looking for people to sell me sand. One person, Eriknurse, sold me quite a lot today ^_^
    I'm almost at 75k from running the business too :D

    If you have any investment opportunities for me, please message me, I will have over 110k I'll be looking to invest once I finalise my Sandstone deal :)
  12. How much are you selling DCs of Sand for? :D