The Royal M.A.M.

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  1. IT'S BACK!!!!!
    Melon’s Afternoon Massacre
    4 pm EST/ 21:00 UTC time

    Join me on a beautiful journey of death and torture. My event will be held at 21:00 Hours (4 PM EMC time) My event consists of 3 Rounds. Two are without items, and one is with items.

    Winners of No Items rounds gets 200 Tokens and a special prize
    Winners of Items rounds gets 300 Tokens and all items that dropped

    M.A.M 4 PM EMC time!
    Join: /v mobarena on /games

    * Normal item rounds: All armor, weapons and buffs allowed.
  2. its just me making updates to events posts no worries
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  3. is hosted by eviltoade and at 11:55 PM EMC time...:eek:
  4. Melon has an event in the afternoon, mine is at midnight. :)
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  5. Looking forward to it. :)
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  6. Me too ;)
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  7. Well, I won't be able to make it to Melon's, though I should be able to make it to Toad's :D
    Thank you to staff for providing us with more times to do these events! It really helps those of us with busy schedules.
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  8. I will forever read the 'M.A.M' bit as an Irish person shouting 'mum'.
  9. haha :p , I'm Postponing the MA for one hour (to 18:00 EMC time ((6 pm))) for you americans that want to join up :) hope its not to inconvenient for you Europeans :D
  10. I saw nothing!
  11. shhh you saw nothing
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  12. Isn't that more of an evening massacre?
  13. technicalities :D just join and be killed (or win) :p
  14. I will try to make it, we need more boss rounds though
  15. Never done this, but does gear drop on death? Do I have to worry about my gear getting lost or taken :p?
  16. All items will drop on death and automatically go to the Winner's Chamber for the round winner to pick up afterward. If you don't want to lose your gear, Voters gear is a great option, or you can just play the no-items rounds. :)
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  17. Might want to change the time on the calender.
  18. For the record - I beat Penguinub in the first round, that was epic.