The Rezile Clan

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  1. So after what Aikar has said, I'm going to be getting people together in a clan. This clan will just do adventures together, and things like that. We are waiting on the update(s) in a while. This will just give us a organised group with announced events so there is no chaos when these update(s) are released! If you wish to join simply ask, and for no reason you will be rejected! Thanks!
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  2. May I ask exactly what he said that prompted this?
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  4. Fluffy your just commenting on everything :p
  5. And you're just following me around :D
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  6. No.... :p How are you accuse me of being a stalker :O
  7. Or did he?
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  8. Hey, this clan was mysteriously destroyed a rogue asteroid that crashed into our camp, it set our tents on fire and we have disbanded..
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