The Republic of New Holland

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  1. The Republic of New Holland
    Wrem Area
    A few days ago 'New Holland' was founded. We are looking for citizens who like to live here and help building in this democratic state. We currently have 2 citizens, and we hope to welcome more soon. If u decide to become a citizen you will get a complimentary lot where you can build your house and/or company.
    We still have some functions left, a mayor for example.
    Please PM me if u are interested!

    Or visit our website for more and detailed information

    Map of the country:
    (The red lines represent our borders.)
    *All EMC rules apply in this state and its islands, we emphasize no griefing.
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  2. [ATTENTION] New Holland became a region of Wrem and is now ruled by Dean_Catterson.
  3. No! That's not how you say it! It's the Netherlands! Duh... :p
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  4. Weren't you banned?...
    And mark is right.
    Netherlands :p
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  5. *NETHERlands
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  6. Yes im banned, thats why Dean_Catterson is now the owner -.-
    Yes i know that the name is New Holland, thats just the name so its not wrong.
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  7. And you don't have to be upset just because Dean_Catterson is owner. You stole, so its your fault.
  8. how far out are tes places? id like to become a member of a island :)
  9. I gave it to Dean myself so no im not upset
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  10. Please contact Dean_Catterson im not president anymore.
  11. can you get off the ban?
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  12. Not sure, but if i ever get back ill let you know.
  13. I would like to thank Tycho55123 for giving me the opportunity to run his outpost.

    I'm making it public here that I intend to operate New Holland to as a high standard as my predecessor until the day of Tycho's return.

    If anyone has a question I'd be happy to help :)

    This thread is pretty much redundant unless New Holland becomes independent again, since having a thread for each region of outposts is frowned upon. All discussion on NH can be found in the Wrem thread instead, which caters for the whole country:
  14. This thread has been redirected after the recent changes in government. Please visit the "New Holland" thread for info on this nation.
  15. ATTENTION!: New Holland is back at my ownerschip again. All changes will be posted at this thread. I would like to thank Dr_Hacksaw for taking care of NH while i was gone. May u have any questions considering this event, please let me know. Sincerely, Tycho55123