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  1. Wrem
    SMP 9 Wild Outpost

    ALL players are welcome to come out and take part in the project, provided you follow all EMC rules.

    The capital of our nation is the City of Wrem, founded as a mining outpost on April 20th 2013. Within 6 weeks it had become one of EMC's largest cities, as well as the biggest in the New Republic. Soon after becoming the capital in June 2013, the nation split up. I have decided to continue managing the city as it is great fun working on the place and seeing new players come out to try to make it big in the wild.

    A brief introduction:
    Outpost located North-East of the East spawn in the Wilderness Frontier.
    Discovered by Dean_Catterson and matthew12hydro, April 13th 2013.
    City established April 20th 2013 by Dean_Catterson, matthew12hydro and hollyhill105.

    President: hollyhill105
    Vice President: Dean_Catterson

    PsyschcRabbit: Planning
    Dean_Catterson: Defense
    NotoriousPaulG: Transport & Infrastructure

    Current Territories:
    Wrem City (Capital District)
    Inzoino + Thomas Island (excluding Thurbur) (State)
    Neorepolis (State)
    Stoneguard (State)
    Oceania (State)
    Oakville (State)
    Manafell (State)
    Blackwood (State)
    Catterson Sea Coast (Territory)
    Stafford (Territory)

    This is a map of SMP9's East Wilderness Frontier. It is easily accessible through the livemap (http://smp9.empire.us:8880/#)

    After leaving the New Republic experiment the main objective of this outpost is for players to come out and enjoy themselves while building as part of a team.

    Currently any village town or city can become part of the Empire of Wrem, after negotiating with the President (hollyhill105). Joining our empire has the benefit of improved trade links, more visibility and access to a great community of wild players who may want to visit your place.

    Update Log!
    Edit (27-12-13).
    The nation has been renamed from Glendoria to Wrexham. Wrem City will remain the capital and a new flag is currently in development. Wrexham has pledged its allegiance to the New Alba Union, a federation of wild states working together as one towards a common goal - providing the best possible experience for players in the wild!

    Edit (24-4-14)
    The nation has been renamed from Wrexham back to Wrem. Wrem City will remain as the capital and a new flag has been implemented.

    Edit (27-4-15)
    More than a year from the previous update to the OP, much has changed in the nation. The name Wrem remains and the nation has greatly expanded its territory. Included in this edit are new maps of the area surrounding Wrem in the East Wild. A list of the nations states and territories can also be found above. Additions to the city in the past year include a subway system, various new roads and rail links and countless new buildings. I stood down as leader of Wrem and hollyhill105 has taken over and done a fantastic job reinventing the place!

    Joining the fun:
    The City of Wrem is located North East of the East Spawn on the wilderness frontier of SMP9.

    X= 13,500
    Z= -4,500

    There is no application process for our nation. All players are welcome to come out and have a look. Upon reaching the place you are able to buy properties from one of our local real estate businesses, or you can ask a local for an empty plot to build your home in Wrem.

    Get over to the East Spawn on SMP9's wilderness frontier, grab your boat and sail to join us! Rail travel is also available.

    To have your outpost become part of the empire simply PM me! Have fun ;)

    Arguing of any kind on this thread will result in you being asked to leave the outpost, as well as staff handing punishments for any breach of forum rules. All posts in this thread should be either Feedback, Constructive Criticism or Updates on progress. Questionable remarks (even satirical ones) are generally not appreciated.
    Griefing or stealing or any other breach of EMC rules will not be tolerated. Being involved in these activities will also result in being asked to leave the outpost.
    Players are also asked to respect other people's property in the wild. Entering people's property without permission may not be appreciated by locals.
  2. When did it split from NR? I never knew. Also I shall come some time :)
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  3. Approximately 4 minutes ago in a PM with Volt
  4. THE NR lives on, only, in a new form
  5. You may have been aware that due to the closure of the New Republic's official thread, internal arguments, difficulties in getting the government functional and the constitution fixed, and due to the movement of Wremian nationalism I sparked in response to this, the New Republic has effectively disbanded, a process which began with the secession of Stoneguard and which is ending with this post.

    I, 72Volt, declare that the New Republic shall be officially dissolved. No election for any new part of government will take place, the Constitution is hereby nullified, and the Neorepublican Executive has already been absolved. I assert the power to make such a declaration as the New Republic's founder, in substitution for a representative executive. From the seventh hour post meridian in the GMT timezone on the thirty-first day of the month of July, in the year two-thousand and thirteen , the New Republic will officially cease to exist.

    Yay, long live Wrem! Also, Dean, are you going to use my model of government? If you're uncomfortable with the for-profit overtones, that's entirely fine, you can just disregard it.
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  6. For all those wishing to join Wrem and Stoneguard in making our new country PM either me or Dean here or in game and we'll add you into the conversation
  7. We could still have a treasury funded by other means, which can be used as an instrument for investment in the City of Wrem.
    If you're going to implement a NR-style government, please, make it simple and get it out of the way quick. I would recommend you just have a 4-person Wremian Executive and do nothing more in terms of central government.
    Also, it's Estonea, not Estona. You're slipping, Dr. Catterson ;)

    As for the matter of 'looking after the Empire', I believe we can establish a Wremian Army to manage the Missions and Fortresses, and maintain the Outposts and Districts, if we're using my system of organising colonies.
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  8. We will see in the coming days. But yes it will be done far faster than what was in the NR.

    After asking the nations leader, devon699, I can confirm it is named Estona. Maybe it is you who is slipping ;)

    With the 'Army', I'm not sure. A lot of players seemed uneasy with the sight of militaristic words. Although I like those names (eg emc militia), in the NR many people misinterpreted them. We would be better calling it a volunteer force I think.
  9. Well, alrighty then. Calling it a volunteer force will make it sound like the UVF, though.
  10. I could be interested in this. I'll watch the thread to see what comes out of it.
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  11. Good things hopefully :)
  12. I know, I'm just saying, the term 'volunteer force' does have association with misdeeds :p
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  13. Wremian Improvement Team=WIT
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  14. Genius.
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  15. Fair 'nuff. Although they are not as known outside of these shores :p

    Haha how witty. ;) That name must stick!
  16. Yes well I do have some moments :p
  17. DIS gona be good
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  18. Suggestion for country name: Wremaria?

    This way we can address all cities at once with global announcements :)
  19. Added a link to here in my sig :)
  20. Speaking of which, since I own a house in Wrem, and a few other pieces of land in Volt, Stoneguard, and other places, am I considered a citizen? Just a bit curious on this.
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