The repairer and enchanter!

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  1. Getting your item dealt with:
    I have created a forum for a better system for OLDMAN repairing and enchanting. All information should be covered in the Link below.Link is

    The place:
    The res the shop is on is 4350.

    The getting place:
    The place where I come to pick it up will be where it is more convenient for you. If you are setting up an access sign just do on first line OLDMANWILLIKERS and the 3 on the line under it.

    The pickup:
    The pick up where you get your item will be on 4350 on smp2. The code to get down there is /v 4350 RepairingPickup. Just like that.

    I will private message you on the forums or contact you in game when your order is done.

    Prices for repairing:
    Any levels in between will be discussed when I am done with your item.
    39 levels:600r
    30 levels:500r
    20 levels:400r

    Materials for repairing:
    You need to supply your own materials. If not I can supply my own for a price

    Material price:
    Diamonds 130r each
    iron 2r each
    gold 4r each

    Prices for enchanting:
    Any levels in between will be discussed when I am done with your item.
    30 levels:500r
    20 levels:400r

    I would like payment after I am done with your tools or Armour

    If you have any questions please private message me on the forums and I will try my best to help you out and answer any of your questions. If you have some idea I should add to the Google forum please private message me and I will see if it is worth it.

    I would like all of your orders in the link above so this forum doesn't get to messy and so I can keep a better handle on what orders need done and what I got to do

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  2. OMG COOL! I'll definity ask you to enchant something once I figure out what I need enchanted! ;)
  3. Ok and remember please use the system
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  4. I know I told you about this in the form, but I can't set up an access chest because your name doesn't fit on the sign.
  6. Very good service. I got my items very quickly.
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  7. I did fill out your form, please let me know what the total is. I usually am on Utopia (or my alt B3vK56).
  8. Ok I have been sick and having computer issues so the reapairing is taking longer than i hoped
  9. K, no problem, get better and when you're ready get back to me, please!
  10. I filled out form. :)

    I will pay once I have the total.
  11. Please cancel my order, I won't be needing your service right now, but will keep you in mind in the future. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  12. Ok guys im back and ready to start reapairing so lets get this going