The Redstone Challenge

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  1. The Redstone Challenge
    Fun with the new 1.5 mechanics

    Hi everyone, this is to introduce a new event I will be hosting. Called (As you may have gathered) The Redstone Challenge.
    The principle is simple. Teams of 4 will be given a set number of resources, including iron ingots, redstone and water. They will then have to build a contraption (Using the specified items) to perform a task.

    | Winning |
    The winning team will be the one that scores the most points. Points will be awarded in the following ways:
    Time finished before the end: +1 for every second
    No. of resources not used: +1 per item

    Judges (To be decided) will give points for the following features:
    Good Looks
    Economic Viability (Good Value)
    Team Effort (How well everyone works together)
    General Interest (If the machine grabs the judges attention)

    Miscellaneous points may be given for attributes not given above.

    The winning team takes home 20,000r

    Rupee donations gratefully accepted

    | How it will all work |
    4 teams of 4 will be put on a server where they are given 20 mins to build an amazing contraption.
    The area they can build in depends on the task (Not yet finalised).
    In the last 5 mins a bonus area with spleef and many precious items will open up for any teams to go in and get some last minute parts.
    Judging will begin.

    The winning team will go on to play the winners of other games and so on...

    | Entering the Challenge |
    In the comments below, please enter the names of the 4 players in your team as well as a team name. All entries accepted!

    | Misc |
    I will be running this on a server of my own. The event will be filmed and if you're interested in being a cameraman then PM me or post below.

    If you are interested in donating then that would be much appreciated. Your name will be given the appropriate credit.

    This will be held sometime towards the end of February, probably on the last weekend.


    1. NoahMarcusWhite, Kman122000, matjam360,TheEpic5
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  2. oh, this could be fun
    how would the judges be decided?
  3. A team of Judges :p
    No but seriously I will have a think and choose people that have supported me in the past.
  4. Can I join the judge team? :)
  5. I'll consider it.
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  6. First Judge: Silken_Thread
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  7. I'd compete with a team. I'll join someone's team.
  8. Kman... Let's do this!
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  9. I'll join a team
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  10. Me, Kman122000, matjam360 and TheEpic5! add us
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  11. Me pick me Noah :D
  12. I'll be a judge, if you need my redstone credentials just check out my redstone lab on my res 10018 smp5
  13. Again, i'll consider it! (Nice lab btw)
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  14. kk
  15. Are we allowed to be one-person teams? :b
  16. I'm afraid not, one thing I want to bring out in this is teamwork. Teams can be of anyone though, you don't have to be BFFs :p
  17. Can the people on my team not play on EMC or be banned from EMC?
  18. I would like to join a team, but all I am good for is a cheerleader. I am still learning the ins and outs of redstone circuits.

    With so many teams, I would be very interested to learn where this will take place. Perhaps borrow a few empty home plots from Utopia Town?
  19. i can buld an awsome archery thing that auto resets
  20. Not really sure what you mean, but it is being hosted on a 3rd party server.