The Real Story Behind This Mysterious Account.

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  1. Hello everyone, I am Alex's wannabe twin with no chance of being like the real Alex. The reason my name is Alex With No Chance is because I have no chance of being as famous, rich and owning a store as nice as his. Alex is the man and this isn't a hate account about him. I talked to Alex earlier and he said he is alright with the account and finds it funny. The only reason I made this account is because I saw the name float around on one of the servers chats and decided to make it into a fun account with a little story behind it. This is probably the best 26 dollars I have ever spent. By the way this is not Jc!! Have a great day Emc!!
  2. Alex is rich and famous? :confused: never knew that but awesome!
  3. So, who is it?
  4. its jc. also chickeneer is a dinosaur
  5. I'm Alex's twin...:cool:
  6. If you didn't know that, it probably means he isn't. XP
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  7. Lol probably now that i think of it :p
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  8. Its not Jc. Jc already owns Alexchance4, lol
  9. Not sure if kidding or serious, but Alex is in fact rich, and famous XD
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  10. He's not so much famous just very well known among the community and a very nice guy
  11. ur right, hes also not so much rich, just very wealthy, and owning of money, shops, and monopolies XD

    Shady manatee says: i aint no shady manatee, im a sea cow where the sun dont shine
  12. Hello AlexChance's twin, welcome.

    I am the twin of a goldfish.
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  13. I'm not gonna lie...This account is getting more likes then my original account!!:p
  14. I quite enjoy reading this thread lol
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  15. Sooo new alex... can I get your head and say " I got Alex...Chances head! "