The Promo Prices Thread

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by The_Mancub, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Thanks Slvr, I had know idea about the Easter bunny eggs since I was away, but thanks for clearing that up for me :)
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  2. The ICC Vday Head has been sold for 5mil
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  3. Has been updated, Thank you
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  4. Prancer is at least 38k
    Dancer 100k
    Ham hacker 75k
    Easter Bunny (brown) 30k
    Annual turkey slicer 25k
    Declaration of Independence 30k
    Headless horseman axe 50k
    Meteor bow 10k

    Tales of Eternia is at 4mil-ish, according to Laae

    These are based of what I've seen promo shops buying them for (/v 125, /v 16062, /v 15015 etc)
  5. Unused or used? and what would the price be for them both?
    All have been updated


    Thank you so much for the help
  6. Prancer and dancer prices were for unused, not sure about used