The Promo Prices Thread

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  1. Thanks Slvr, I had know idea about the Easter bunny eggs since I was away, but thanks for clearing that up for me :)
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  2. The ICC Vday Head has been sold for 5mil
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  3. Has been updated, Thank you
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  4. Prancer is at least 35k-38k
    Dancer 100k (not sure)
    Ham hacker 75k
    Easter Bunny (brown) 30k
    Annual turkey slicer 25k
    Declaration of Independence 30k
    Headless horseman axe 50k
    Meteor bow 10k

    Tales of Eternia is at 4mil-ish, according to Laae

    These are based of what I've seen promo shops buying them for (/v 125, /v 16062, /v 15015 etc)
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  5. Unused or used? and what would the price be for them both?
    All have been updated


    Thank you so much for the help
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  6. Prancer and dancer prices were for unused, not sure about used

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  7. Thanks it will help for BBG Promo shop
  8. And Also
    Lucky Rabbit's Feet = 45k
  9. Updated, Thank you
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  10. Does a congratulations book by empire Minecraft book count I have 7 they’re the prize for the mob arena parkour
  11. They’re not lores or special but signed by empireminecraft
  12. I would say no to them being a promo, but they should be on a signature price thread. I'm not to sure if the thread is still up and running tho.
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  13. ALSO
    Some Promo are mising

    Does Voter Gear and banner and tools and weapon etc.. Count as promo?
    If it count, you may add it (if it is not already in the list)
  14. They are different depending on the players who they are so no.
  15. Yes but they are almost same item from any players... just the name of the players on It change but it may not affect price
  16. The name of the player does affect the price a lot. Voter gear is not on the list because people would not consider it to be promos. Not just voter gear but there are a couple other (promos) out there with different player names on them and they are not on this list because a players name on those sort of items can affect the price by a lot.
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  17. Not Promos? really?
    Promos are Custom item right? and voter gear is a custom item -.-
  18. Humm players name affect prices? How?
  19. Depending on whos it is, like if it was staff voter gear it would be worth more because more players would want staff voter gear rather then a random players voter gear
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