The Privileged Permit

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  1. How would you like access to a large birch farm, a stone generator and furnace facilities, all for a justified fee?

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present: the Privileged Permit!
    The Privileged Permit grants you access to the birch farm on my residence, furnaces, a 4*4 automatic redstone powered stone generator, a double chest for your stuff, and more to come!
    I will distribute 19 Privileged Permits, and one Heritage Permit.
    Place your orders here, the highest gets a Heritage Permit, which is guaranteed permanent and tradeable to others with my permission (perhaps the winner of this elusive permit could auction it off, with the approval of the staff, thereby making a profit? :) )
    The other 19 highest orders each get a Privileged Permit. These last a minimum of two weeks. If you want to keep them after the two weeks, you must keep within the highest offers, or lose out to competition for these valuable services.
    Bidding for the first permits shall last 1 week starting from the time of this post, and officially end on 6th May 2013, 10.00PM GMT. At that point, the 20 highest bidders shall be chosen. The highest bidder shall receive a Heritage Permit, the 19 below get Privileged Permits. Bidding for Privileged Permits will re-open on 20th May 2013, again at 10PM, GMT.
    Minimum offer is 2,500r, I recommend you offer at least 500r above the next highest offer, just to be safe.

    Thank you, and good luck.
    Most proceeds will go to the New Republic and the quarry I'm running up there.
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  2. I would like to bid for the heritage permit. Could i place a bid but only for the heritage permit?
  3. No, it's meant to be a prize for the highest bidder. :)
  4. What kind of things would be added at a later date?
    Because at the moment, it's not too appealing.
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  5. More tree farms, perhaps more storage, sugarcane farms, wheat farms, cacti farms, animal farms, the whole works :)
  6. My thoughts exactly, and although I like the idea, there are already quite a few farms that offer nearly the exact same thing that this project offers. So, my question is, what sets this apart from the other ones?
  7. I am still laughing. I misread the word "birch" in your first sentence and was really confused for a minute or two.
  8. Remember that Volt is asking for offers (as an auction for one of these is currently illegal) not bids, therefore he isn't required to follow auction rules but should follow all Marketplace guidelines. :)