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  1. It's been a long time in the making, but The Parkour Res is finally ready to officially open! With 12 different courses of various size and difficulty, and more courses in the making, The Parkour Res offers EMC's most versatile selection of parkour! Even better, The Parkour Res is home to the HARDEST PARKOUR on all of EMC!

    19721 on SMP9

    video made with Replay Mod

    The Main Course was originally intended to be a temporary build used for livestreams and events. After getting fantastic appraise, it was kept and expanded. There are three levels of difficulty within The Main Course.

    Easy difficulty offers 100 simplistic jumps for those who need to warm up or practice their parkour skills.

    Medium offers 75 jumps that challenge players to push beyond the simplicity of Easy.

    Hard, and this is where the fun begins, offers 75 jumps that test the player's parkour skills and ability to adapt to the different styles of parkour.

    Nightmare takes Hard to the next level, creating a run that never gives the player a break. The player must adapt to 60 jumps that not only challenges their precision, but their speed.

    Last but not least, Angelic difficulty. Claimed to be the hardest parkour on all of EMC, Angelic's 108 jumps combine all the challenges of the past four difficulties. It's a course that took around FIVE hours to complete while using checkpoints on each jump. If a player manages to complete this course, they will not do so while sane.

    More courses:

    The Parkour Res features miniature 10-jump courses varying in difficulty and theme. From the easy Grasslands, to the medium Mineshaft, and the hard Stronghold, there's plenty of fun to be had in these short courses!

    The Main Course isn't the only place to find a fully fleshed out parkour course.

    Climb trees and bounce your way around The Slime Forest, a fun course where you navigate the woods and try to get from the ground to the sky!

    Sneak your way through the Desert Hall, an ancient tomb laced with traps and tricky timed parkour jumps.

    Feeling quick? Think you're incapable of making mistakes? The Red Room is the ultimate test of infallibility. Press the button and run the course, even the slightest hesitation and time will run out!

    Navigate the stars in the new Luminous course! The difficulty is easy, but the course is lengthy. Can you make it to the top?

    The Parkour Res likes to thank the people who helped with the promotion or creation of the residence. There are currently two courses dedicated to those players.

    Be as quick as jewel_king in the Jewel's Head special course! Thank you to jewel_king for dedicating hours of your time to help get the parkour courses approved.

    Need a fun and relaxing course? The Early Morning Empire course offers just that! Thank you to deadmon5 and his Early Morning Empire show for featuring The Parkour Res in various livestreams!

    The Parkour Res is ever expanding! There are plenty of courses planned, designed, or already built that are opening in the near future!

    Head Parkour - Donate your head today and become a jump in the Head Parkour course! Every jump is a head of a player that donated, no alts included.

    Premium Parkour - Exquisite innovation will bring a course that offers fascinating elements to the most prestigious course yet!

    If you would like to host an event on The Parkour Res, PM DaybreakerMC in-game or on the forums. We will help you host your event free of charge! You can set up prizes, select checkpoints, and run the event however you'd like.

    Thank you to everyone who helped design, built, approve, promote, or participate in this parkour! Hopefully there will be more fun and more courses to come far in the future!
  2. NOW OPEN!!!

    To help promote my new song (yes, I make music), I've created a parkour course that resembles the cover/audio visualizer. Navigate the starts and jump your way around The Parkour Res's new easy course! At the course, you can also find promotional decoration heads (only 64 exist). Enjoy Luminous!

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