The Paradox Thread!

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  1. Share your favorite paradox. Let it be anything you want within reason.

    My favorite is when Pinocchio says that "My nose grows now" and his nose will not be growing as he says that so it is a lie then it will grow because he has lied, but then it is true so his nose will shrink and vice versa over and over again.
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  2. This statement is false.
  3. The following statement is true.
    The previous statement is false.
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  4. Since we're going with the verbal ones..

    A duck steals kevdudemans gold ingots. The duck will return them if kevdudeman correctly guesses what the duck will do (give kev the ingots, or keep them)
    if kevdudeman says "you will keep the ingots" does the duck keep them, making kev right (meaning the duck should return the gold) or return them, making kev wrong (meaning the duck should keep the gold)

    I'll post more variations of paradoxes I know about soon :)
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  5. I don't do paradoxes, only paradox machines...
  6. I like that one riddle:

    A man is to be killed. He is allowed to make one statement. If his statement is false, he will be thrown into boiling water. If it is true, he will be hanged. What can the man say to get away?

    He should say "I will be thrown into boiling water." If this statement is true, then he would be hanged, making the statement false, meaning that he would be thrown into boiling water, meaning that the statement would become true and so on. Thus, the man is let free.