The Pain - The unbearable Pain

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  1. Ever kicked your toe?
    Ever had an ingrown toe nail?

    Well, I have the second one, and I just smashed it against the leg of my bed frame.

    I literally, dropped to the ground it is that sore. Like, ouch! Blood is pouring everywhere just to make it that much worse.

    Don't try this at home!

    Just a piece of useless information from Australia.
  2. i used to get ingrown toe nails all the time! they suck!
  3. I have broken a toe, and well... it wasn't fun. At all.
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  4. Never had an ingrown toenail, or a broken toe.

    Although I have banged my pinkie on like, every piece of furniture in my house atleast five times. I have a strong little pinkie...
  5. When I was younger (like 10 years younger), my sister was chasing me, so I ran into a room with her trailing maybe 30cm away, I slammed the door on her foot, which broke her toe nail off. Luckily we had our polish cleaner there, who used to be a nurse. I got into a lot of trouble and there was quite a bit of blood. And I always get ingrown toenails that frequent about every 3 months:(
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  6. Haha, I have paralysed one of my little toes from doing that. Hit it atleast once on every piece of furniture, per house. I've lived in 15 homes.
  7. My father had one once and had to get it cut out. He wouldn't walk for a week due to pain
  8. Same. Except i've lived in 4 houses and I last moved... err... about 9-10 years ago, and should be moving again, if I can get the money, in 8 years :p
  9. so true.... Also, my nose seems to understand that getting hit in the nose with a basketball/soccer ball does not mean SQUIRT BLOOD EVERYWHERE BAHAHAHAHAH I WILL MAKE YOUR NOSE GET FILLED WITH SO MUCH BLOOD HURHURHURHURDURDUR
  10. My nose doesn't understand the concept of
    "Dude it's just pollen, not poison. Dude, it's just dog saliva, not poison. I don't want to take anti-histamines everyday of my life as to not get an allergic reaction to an apple, because I want to eat it, or want to walk my dog or let her lick my face (<-- Which btw, I don't want. But she's hungry when she does that. And that's the only way she knows)".

    My throat doesn't understand the concept of
    "throat wat r u doin. throat. stahp. its not throat cancer. its just a cold. stahp making me not be able to talk. stahp making me cough like crazy. just...throat. stahp".
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  11. My brain doesn't understand the concept of
    "I slept from 10PM to 3AM. why. do. you. need. to. fall. asleep. at. 2:30 PM. there's 30 freaking more minutes before school's out, then you get home, then you can conk out on the couch. plus, there's still like 7 more hours before you fall asleep, you only missed out on like 3 hours -_- oh, now the teacher's telling me off because I just fell on my paper. yipee. wait, what's she saying? Good Job Brain, Good Job."

    (This should totally be a thread where we post pep talks to different parts of our body xD
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  12. I have an ingrown toenail. Which surprising I fixed at home. It doesn't hurt anymore so (yay)
    Also, I'm pretty clumsy. So I hurt myself a lot.
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  13. I am fixing mine at the moment, just mine got really infected (dont know how, its not like i leave the house a lot). Not looking forward to digging out the nail from the flesh. *cringe*
  14. Chat:

    boozle628 was crushed by a falling anvil
    boozle628 died of a bleeding toe
    boozle628 died of a bleeding toe
    boozle628 died of a bleeding toe
    boozle628 died of a bleeding toe
  15. I used to have problems with ingrown tow nails, solution was to not trim them to short.
    No mater how much girl friends would moan and cry that they scratch there ankles at night.

    Just load up on some pain killers and snip the part that growing into the skin and don't trim them so short.
    Way better that paying a doctor to remove the entire nail :cool:
  16. I have an ingrown toenail, also fixed it at home. It got infected as well but was still able to fix it. I haven't dug it out or anything, it is just slowly growing out the way toe nails grow.
  17. Austrailia -- Where everything tries to kill you
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    EDIT: Sorry baut your toe...:mad: bad toe! baaaddd.....:mad:
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  19. Stahp it! please >.>
    just by reading this my toe hurts...
  20. Feel the pain, become one of us... one of us...
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