The old picture thread!

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  1. This thread is for posting old pictures. They can be from your family or just a picture you found on the internet. If the pictures are NSFW, please put it in a spoiler with the reason its NSFW.

    Elvis signing autographs for some kids in Memphis. (Between 1955-1960)

    US Government mockups of how they thought Hitler could disguise himself.

    US Soldiers with a Napalm explosion in the background. (South Vietnam, 1966)

    Plane full of South Vietnamese orphans during Operation Babylift. (1975)

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  2. First photograph ever. I just one-upped everything anyone could ever post in this thread.
  3. Soviet T-34 in combat. (1941-1945)

  4. German Messerschmitt Bf 109 plane in flight (WWII)

    Actual photo of American troops raising the flag at Iwo Jima

    Abraham Lincoln about to give the Gettysburg Address
  5. Here's an old one of me :)
    Little fuzzy from the quality of cameras back then.

  6. A Panzer VIII Maus. Made by the Nazi's toward the end of WW2, only one fully functioning tank was made. Never saw combat. It is the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built.

  7. If you took your time to read wikipedia, then you would have known that was not the first photograph and this one shown here by moi is the first. You may be an expert at Economics, but I am an expert at Electronics and History. I'm just pulling your strings bro. Yours is the oldest surviving photograph.
  8. British Mark 1 Female (No main gun, only machine guns) tank knocked out during the Second battle of Gaza. (WW1, 1917)

  9. Two British tank officers read a Italian newspaper. (1941)

    First photo of a war (Mexican American war, 1847)

  10. image.jpg
    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
    That is all.
  11. The Beatles at the Cavern Club (1961)

  12. The Hubble Ultra Deep Field. This photo is what the universe looked like between 400 and 800 million years after the Big Bang.

    Who said old photos had to be in black and white?
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  13. No one, I already beat you with a colour photo from Vietnam :p.

    Oh, and this is the first colour photo.

  14. A Churchill Crocodile flame thrower tank. German soldiers hated these so much they would kill the crew instanly upon capture.