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  1. Why did I start this? Well, I recently made 2,500 posts, and my 500th day is sometime soon... maybe... actually, I am really not sure about that. Back to the point, you lucky people get to ask me questions and see my life-changing answers.

    I reserve the right to not answer questions at my discretion.
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  2. ...Ok, how did you decide who to start following? ;D
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  3. Well, if you really want to ruin all of the mystery...
    Rule One: The person must follow me.
    Rule Two: I need to know who the person is.
    Rule Three: The person must not be banned and be fairly active.
    Rule Four: The person must follow less than fifty people.
    Rule Five: If the person was reading my reviews rule four can be negated (see: Penfoldex and jacob5089).
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  4. Do you ike Slipknot? If you like it,who is your favorite member in Slipknot?
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  5. Why do you like Madder Red? :p
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  6. Slipknot is cool, and Mick Thomson.
    Because he makes the Joker look like a p***y. I think that Bedlam is a really awesome comic book and Nick Spenser just writes an amazing character. I remember picking up the first issue at the comic book store and seeing Spenser's name on the cover (at this point, I was already familiar with Spenser's other amazing series, Morning Glories). I started talking to the guy at the store about it, and he was like, "Trust me; it's awesome. Within the first few pages, the villain is cutting a little girl's throat in front of the hero and s**t." I read it and fell in love. That first issue is still probably one of my favorite single comic issues ever.
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  7. This made me laugh. :p You truly gave me a challenging drawing assignment, not sure if I can come close to the original comic hehe.
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  8. No ninja, why are you OBSESSED with madder red? I just don't get it.... he.... nevermind...
  9. I am not obsessed with Madder Red. It is just that I like the design for the mask and want to share the awesomeness that is Bedlam with other people, so I made it my avatar. Although, if you put a gun to my head and told me that I could only get one comic book a month, my answer might be Bedlam. Edit: Well, I might be a little obsessed with Bedlam. I might have ordered the Irving (cover artist for Bedlam) alternate cover of Morning Glories 28 off of Ebay. But it is badass see:
  10. I take it Image Comics is your favorite comic book publisher?
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  11. Yeah. It seems like every week I begin to hate the Big Two a little more, as I become disenfranchised with their cyclical business practices and horrible editors. I like Image more than Dark Horse of IDW, for example, because Image doesn't publish crappy licensed comics. Although, I have starting following writers more than anything else at this point. Edit: I don't have a problem with Vertigo; it is just that they don't publish much.
  12. This may or may not be a bump.
  13. Yes, I am bumping this. Why? Because reasons!*

    *Please read in Mr. Torgue's voice.