The Octahedron of Oblivion

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  1. Behold, a wondrous floating shape!

    What is it?
    Welcome to the Octahedron of Oblivion! A chamber devoted to spawning monsters by the bucketfull and delivering them, battered and bruised, directly to your blade!

    Where is it?

    In the SMP1 wilderness

    The OoO is a monster spawner that caters both to those who are looking for monster drops and also to those who are looking for a somewhat easier time of leveling up for enchanting.

    Given monsters' current health pools, once they fall from the OoO, they will have 1.5 hearts (3hp) remaining.
    Leaving the monsters at 3hp means you can still fight them instead of mindlessly slaughtering them if you so choose, just don't attack with weapons.
    If you do choose to use a weapon, all the monsters that fall out should be able to be slain by a single blow.
    The other benefit of leaving the monsters at 3hp is that skeletons will be able to 1-shot creepers. When a skeleton kills a creeper, they drop a record!

    What isn't it?
    The OoO itself is not a 'battle arena', players are not supposed to be inside. All the combat should be taking place on the ground, underneath the opening, not inside of the OoO.

    Why can't I fight inside?
    The reason I don't want people fighting inside is for one reason and one reason only: CREEPERS.
    Even if you are a pro at getting away from creepers, you still can't anticipate when a stray skeleton arrow hits a creeper and the creeper blows up on the skeleton creating a big hole in the side of the OoO. Having to go inside the OoO to make repairs is annoying, dangerous, reduces the effectiveness of the spawning for the community and wastes my time. Don't fight on top of it either... monsters shouldn't spawn very often up there (I still need to add some more torches) but they do from time to time.

    Having said all that, I WILL be treating instances of people being inside the OoO as griefing and will screenshot and report repeat offenders. If you want to fight inside, make your own spawner and don't blow up the one I've spent so much time and effort constructing.

    How can I help?
    While the main construction of the OoO is done, the 'Battle Area' underneath is not yet complete. What I'd still like to do is to construct the floor and the first couple levels from obsidian so that they are immune to creeper explosions and secondly, I'd like to create a 'rest area' where people can take shelter from the monsters if their health is getting low or they need to stop and eat.
    Other things that could be installed nearby might include a small farm for food. If you want to help out, just msg me if you see me on or let me know in the thread.

    Also, if you are unfortunate and cause a creeper explosion while farming/fighting, please be considerate and fill in the hole. The fall distance is calibrated for a certain amount of damage so if the floor height changes, mobs will emerge with more/less health or might simply die from the fall.

    Happy fighting!

    If you have any other questions, let me know.

  2. Looks really nice :)
    If anyone griefs it, I can help you.
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  3. Thanks!

    I'm trying to clean up the bottom a little bit and then I'll add a picture of the battle area.
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  4. Looks pretty nice. I'll have to come check it out once I wrestle free of my current Skyrim addiction. :confused:

    Be sure to ask Justin if he can save the area in MCEdit for future resets.
  5. This looks great! I'll stack up on weapons and armor and be over tomorrow!

  6. I've cleaned up the battle area a little, but it's not even near how I'd want yet. If you see the floating dirt blocks, those outline the corners of the area I'd like to create a pit of obsidian in with recessed some recessed windows so people can spectate or eat from a partially underground 'safe area'. The pit will be accessed from a staircase that faces the same direction as the maintenance staircase which would be a fair distance to my right in the picture.

    I've deepened things a little because I'm trying to dig right now, not fight. When the pit is in place, it's floor will be one level above the lowest level seen in the image.

    And if you are wondering about the spawn rate, those are all the monsters that dropped out when I walked around the outside of the pit 3 times... minus one zombie who took an arrow in the knee (I'm sorry)

    I'm hanging out there a bit right now if you want to stop by and say hi!
  7. cool good job how long did it take
  8. Done some more cleanup/temporary work, here's the 'safehouse' currently:

    There's 3 doors and plenty of windows so you can still get out if 'something' has followed you

    Once you are inside, it looks like this:

    I think it's 11x11. I have all the essentials in there, a small chest for whatever (currently mostly filled with music discs)
    a crafting table and a furnace. PLEASE LEAVE THESE HERE. Also, don't expect anything you put in the chest to still be there.

    Here's a new view of the pit/arena, I've cut the walls down a bit more so the monsters can't jump out and made a single entry/exit which you can see in the covered stone hallway. What I'd like to do is to line the pit with obsidian so it's not affected by creeper explosions. If you have any extra unneeded obsidian, I'll definitely take it!

    Here's a shot down the single entry/exit from the pit/arena. Ideally I'd like this to be lined with obsidian since it's quite prone to 'accidental detonations'. The safe house is just off to the left a bit... close enough to reach in a short jog.
  9. Oh, as a hunting strategy, you can hang out in the saferoom for a while, and once there's a lot of monsters up, you can draw them all into the entryway and limit the number you have to fight at a time. The skeletons will kill a few of the other monsters on your behalf, but there'll still be a whole bunch.
  10. Nice work!
  11. I am willing to pay 200 rupees if you have the Chirp music disc. It's the red one, and it's my favorite out of all of them. If you don't have it, maybe I'd better start fighting!
  12. I hope to be getting an obsidian generator in the near future. If this came to pass, I will happily donate obsidian in exchange for exclusive hunting time, a chirp disc, or simply to help out.
  13. nifty little construct. I'd def recommend using obsidian as it's nearly creeper proof...You might consider building the part that people want to be inside entirely in obsidian also. You should also provide one of these where slimes spawn for slimeball farming. Those have to be built deep though...

    Anyway, if you're interested in getting lava to harvest for obsidian I can provide you as many as you want provided buckets are provided. My tunnels on SMP2 server are littered with lava pools lately and I can show you where you can harvest lava until your heart's content lol. I'll even setup an obsidian farm for you to use if you'd like. My method is quite manual but it works and it'll help me clear out some of this really deep lava in my tunnels.

    If he's not interested in it and someone wants to capitalize on it, contact me and you can come out and harvest all the obsidian or lava you want in my tunnels so long as you bring all your own tools and buckets, water, etc...I'll provide the lava or at least show you where it is that it needs to be moved from. ;)
  14. Thanks everyone for the support!

    I haven't gotten any music discs beside cat and 13 so far, but I've gotten a ton of them -- about a dozen of each. It got to the point I don't even pick them up anymore because they do not stack. That being said, I do look out for new colors but I haven't seen anything but green or gold so far. Do the newer discs have a considerably lower drop rate?

    Unfortunately (or fortunately!), As this is out in the wilderness, I don't have the ability to limit others' access to the area, outside of policing for people attempting to enter inside. Your best bet would be to check the live map and see if anyone else is in the vicinity.

    I was feeling 'diggy' yesterday and I harvested about 36 out of one of the pools in my tunnels... there's still what looks like a lot left even at that pool. It's just going to take a long time to do all the mining as the floor of the pit is 13x13 (169 blocks) and I figure the walls should be at least 3-4 (3x12x4 = 144, 4x12x4 = 192) blocks high.

    169 + 144 or 192 ~= 300-350 blocks

    Start to add in reinforcing the other parts with obsidian, and you can see where I'd want to solicit help in this part!
  15. I will definitely help if I get an obsidian gen from Skilled_Creeper. I'll donate as much as I can, and I wouldn't mind a cat (green) disc.
  16. Did you put torches in all the caves and tunnels under and around it also, so it doesn't try spawn things underground?

    Any objections if I come study this for replication on smp3?
  17. He did lizardtongue. I was there as he was putting the torches down.
  18. Saying that being inside it will be considered griefing is a bit flawed. Not all players read the forums and so may not know what it is and visit it out of curiosity.
  19. I got an obsidian generator, and I can run it for you if you provide the redstone it uses as fuel. It turns redstone into obsidian in a one-to-one ratio.
  20. Yes, but to get inside you must break the wall. Which by Empire Standards is griefing.