The Next_Gen City - An 8 res build on smp1. Community Hub for many shops and services.

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What features would you like to see?

Mall 13 vote(s) 52.0%
Appartments 10 vote(s) 40.0%
Shop Advertising 7 vote(s) 28.0%
Museum 7 vote(s) 28.0%
Trading Post 16 vote(s) 64.0%
Service Center 12 vote(s) 48.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. SMP1 - The Next_Gen City - Future City - Community Hub - Many Services - Advertising

    The Next_Gen City

    Coming to smp1 will be a futuristic city creating a community hub for many shops, services and events not only for smp1 but other smp's as well. There are many great buildings and services in the works, but I created this thread to see what the community may be looking for in terms of services, shops, and features that may not currently exist or could be done better.

    Sample images of this build will be posted however much of what I'm working on will remain under lock and key until that part of the build is near completion.

    Current Features Under Construction

    The Generator : A futuristic city of this size needs some serious power. (Museum)

    Tier 1:
    Includes R donations under 5k and any amount of material donations (Any donation not high enough to qualify for other tiers).
    Tier 2:
    R donations over 5k and/or 1 SC of Materials.*
    Tier 3:
    R donations over 10k and/or 1 DC of Materials.*
    Tier 4:
    R donations over 20k and/or 2 DC of Materials.*
    *Donations can be over time. as well as stacked (as in a donation of 5k and 1 SC of materials will put you at tier 3).
    Tier 1: Thank you Sign in museum and a shoutout in town chat for your support
    Tier 2: Tier 1 plus free res advertisement banner with res number and info sign.
    Tier 3: Tier 1 and 2 plus one month early access to community farm and Podium Spot in Museum
    Tier 4: All above Tiers plus Prime podium spot in museum as well as More advanced Perks in the future. (Possibly exclusive drop party? Must donate to find out.)
  2. 1st. Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

    Edit- I think an area for special events or possibly a public drop party area would be nice. :)
  3. Thanks eviltoade. Already in the works. I plan on hosting drop parties and banner contests regularly (as regularly as I can manage).
  4. Sounds like an awesome idea.
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  5. This sounds awesome. Have you started work on it yet? where can I find it?
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  6. There can only be so many museums, there are a growing number of museums, but some promos/rares are only in numbers of 10 or below. With whatever you end up deciding to do with your 8 reses, I wish you luck!
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  7. Yes i have. /v beatsmode 2. I was waiting on getting all the res's i needed. I am building the "Generator" for the city. which will be a museum and underground will be my storage and farms. The other res's will feature some sort of event underground. Still looking for ideas on that.
  8. I am choosing to make a museum not necessarily with expensive rare items but more important to me is a museum for displaying heads from donors, items from events (not necessarily rare but are important to me). Like the sponge i got from the EMC birthday Drop party named "Bob." It took forever for me to catch the connection to Sponge Bob lol. Definitely going in my museum with a plaque explaining why it's important.
  9. The dirt will be obsidian don't worry i don't use dirt except as a filler to save important materials/ temporary building material.
  10. This is what it will look like when complete.
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  11. Dang!
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  12. This is the list of materials that I will need the most for my build:
    Obsidian, Quartz, Iron Blocks, Redstone Blocks, Glass, Stone, and Polished Diorite.
    (All donations of any materials excepted. These are just the majority of what I need)

    Any and all donations excepted. My museum will feature plaques for any one that donates. For large item or r donations I will make much more elaborate thank you's in my museum. I am honestly looking for an excuse to place names of donors in this museum so I can fill it up with community members. Visit beatsmode 2 to donate!
  13. Wow! Smp1 is really taking off right now as far as massive builds go. Aren't you also helping datzmine with his build on top of working on this? I'm impressed. .. when I get on next I will see what I can do to contribute ^_^
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  14. Yeah Datzmine and I are helping each other on our builds. This is Datzmine's build for those who have not seen it.
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  15. I am auctioning 3dc's of materials to help fund this build. 1DC of Prismarine, 1 DC of Prismarine Bricks, and 1 Dc of Raw Fish. If your interested take a look here.
  16. Starting work on what will be on the road. Donations would be much appreciated.
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  17. Time for an update. Ive been busy building for other people so now my focus is my build. EMCsArchitect helped me out and donated lots of materials and helped me build most of the floor on both res's of the generator. The road edit has been completed so progress from this point forward should be much faster.
    This is the view from underneath of the floor.
    This of the view of the road.

    This is just some of what EMCsArchitect helped me with both on materials and building. Visit the res at 912 and 913 to see it all for yourself.
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