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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by stormboy231, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. Yes we all know aikar. And maxarias are now admin or should I say super admin but down to 1 sr.staff
    We all know the there can be at lease 1 more mod that can take the spot

    Look aikar or maxarias can trance them

    My mod's pick would be


    I would like to hear from you guys who you think can be added to the list

    Or I would love to hear from aikar,maxarias,and icC if I'm right
  2. Well, Mr. davie is already a senior staff, so I guess they beat you to it. :P
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  3. Who is mr.davie

    Is it big davie?
  4. You dont really need many senior staff, yes its nice to have them but there is nothing really new that they can do which a normal moderator doesn't need. And unless the moderator is up for more PM's then there is no point in giving it them.
  5. Will how about stuff like catching hackers no legal mods and more u can't have 1 person doing that!

    Plus thrift shop I like your profile pic
  6. Maxarias does that well by herself, and now BigDavie is Snr Staff and dont forget about shaunwhite1982 still being Snr then there is no need for more.

    And glad you like it
  7. Wat is big d going to do while sr or light green man

  8. Not necessarily true. There's PM logs, vanishing, more forum powers, your name looks cooler :p, creative mode/res reset, more input, helping out new staff, plus a lot of behind the scenes things that Snr. Staff do. It's great the Davie is one to help Shaun out. :)
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  9. My duties have increased (along with the PM's). I will now be able to unclaim derelict reses, fix accidents to town property, fly and vanish amongst other things. I have more tools to catch hackers but Max is still catching the vast majority (I think she must have hacker finding shoes)
  10. bigdavie i added you to the convo about my res right?
  11. Yeah I'm in there.
  12. Can u hold the mob areanas ?
  13. He certainly could yes.
    But we will have to see.
  14. She has a pair of shoes for every way to find a hacker! :D
  15. I will be able to hold the mob arenas. I would want to hold them on a differing day to the current ones and maybe at a time better suited to the Europeans.

    But first I need to get some practice I wouldn't want to accidentally kill you all with the first wave. (or would I :D)
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  16. Oh god no. He sounds even more evil than Max...
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  17. I like the sounds of that :)
    Impossible :p
  18. I actually think she does...:rolleyes:
  19. Heh... just noticed.... the thread is called the next BIG thing.. and we ended up with BIGdavie...

    Everyone else probably realised this ages ago though >.>
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  20. You should be senior ;p
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