The New ww2fan168 (re-introduction)

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  1. Hello. Im doing a reintroduction because my grandmother is going to die sometime this week according to the doctors and Ive changed so much from this experience as she wanted me to. My name is John, Im a 15 year old male thats from Israel but currently lives in the US. Ive played EMC for 217 days so far ( Not new but I can see where y'all can say 'Welcome to EMC' ;) )I joined the forums on January 14,2015 and instantly became a diamond supporter and Im still one, so that says I love my second family on EMC :). So any way, Im the new ww2fan not the old one; more mature and ready to leave a new print on the empire as soon as possible with either Sunday Night Strikers or some more fun events I have stored up ;). Any ways thank you for the support for my grandmother but heres the new ww2fan Ive been waiting for.
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  2. Well, re-welcome to EMC. Condolences for your grandmother. I just had a death in my family as well.

    Becoming more mature is a part of growing up. People give kids in online games a lot of crap but often it's the people twice their age who are worse. There's nothing wrong with being a kid at heart of course...just don't be a ****. ;)
  3. Welcome to the Empire, round II! :p

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. At least you are old enough to remember her and the good times. Remembering grandma usually = good food she used to make. :cool:
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  4. Welcome, John (ww2fan168)! Sorry to hear about your grandmother :(

    Honestly, I think you would stand a chance being staff now that you say you are mature. ;)
  5. Hi ww2fan!

    Welcome to the Empire, I hope you're going to enjoy your stay here. What a coincidence, the world sure is a small place sometimes. You see; I knew a player on the Empire who was pretty similar to you, but naah; probably a strange coincedence.

    I see you're staying on smp7. Impressive that you already got 4 residences, that's the power of the dia for ya :)

    So yah, I wish you good luck on your new path and I really hope things work out for you as you wanted them. Most of all I hope you'll find happiness and satisfaction out of it.
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  6. That made me laugh so hard :p
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  7. I swear I met someone with a similar name when i first started EMC... Weird.

    How goes it ww2! Sorry to hear about your grandmother, it's never a nice position to be in. But as you say, it's changing you for the better which is a positive to take. Congrats on the 4 res's keeping SMP7 well kept I see! :) Look forward to seeing you at more events in the future. #smp7local
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  8. Hi John. Welcome to the Empire as the new ww2fan. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I'll add you, your family and her to my prayers. I'm sure you will continue to enjoy your time here. :)
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