THE NEW WAY TO BUY AND SELL: The Catalog Quest System.

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Do you support the catalog?

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Yes, I believe it will help me in future shopping sprees 4 vote(s) 50.0%
No, it may cause market disruption, and punish people who make malls 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Maybe, if some additional changes were made to keep it for specific items only. 1 vote(s) 12.5%
*Horse Noises* 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. Dear E.M.C.,

    As an active and old member of this community, I've experienced, as have many of the new and old players alike, the frustration of tediously using /shop or /mall on all the smps to find a specific item that I want to buy, even for bulk amounts of wood, bricks and other assortments things. In this new proposal I also introduce a new way to gain rupees, by selling to people instantly when they make their request. Not only is this scam-proof but simply fair as the buyer determines the price.

    Without disrupting or changing the current way the market works, I introduce a idea of how to eaisly sell to players. Simply type in [ /market request (item or item id#) (amount) (upper price limit) ] and it will be out on the catalog listed in chat by using [/catalog] and [/catalog list]. Players who want to sell items to obtain rupees may go and type /catalog and sell to players who make requests with [/catalog fulfill (request#)].When selling players would have a chest GUI pop up, to put the items into, and then a confirmation button. The players would have their items sent to their mail inbox and each request would cost 50r to prevent spamming of the catalog as well as to keep up with the /mail system. To prevent a back log of requests in the catalog, requests that are not fulfilled within 72 hours will be deleted and the rupees invested in the request returned. Players may only have an active request limit of 5 (or more with supporter tiers). This would have to be introduced to a lot of people and simplified as easily possible, but if this is feasible or wanted, help me let the staff know.

    Thank you for your time in reading this proposal.


    -Edit: All commands are just examples and not actual commands in game, also they are just examples and can be whatever the staff would chose if they went down this route.
  2. I love this it would make finding stuff so much easier +10000
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  3. That sounds like a good idea

    Would it be a server thing (Meaning that you could only see requests on the server it was posted on) or would d it be one big system?
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  4. +1 I hate running around shops
  5. It's a cool concept, but instead of buying/'selling on the catalog, how about it shows who is selling said item, and for what price. Said person would have to put their shop/item up on the catalog, probably with a command like /catalog (set/update) (item) (price) (location). That way, players can still have their shops/malls, and players can find items easier.
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  6. The idea is good, just need some other process because to program that will be a nightmare. This is why they have the auction or RA available for special item or volume purchase.
    If you need enchanted books or basic stuff check smp8 /v +market
  7. It would be one giant system that way you can interact with multiple smps from your own smp
  8. Agreed, but everything has an id, and from that everything can be put up, the only thing i can see going wrong is duping, and not receiving items or the correct ones. The dev team is perfectly capable of fixing these problems if they were to arise.
  9. Even that would be better than the mall searching i have to do now, or even a catalog of ACTIVE malls and not the "/shop"s where i go and its just a personal res with a house and nothing to buy.
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  10. Like wise man thank you.
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  11. Well, maybe, alongside the Remote Shop Sign that is sold, something like it for a place in the 'Catalog' could also be sold. Kind of like buying your place in the Yellow Pages.
  12. Downloaded this app . . . Yeah it works. Don't like that my screen has to be so small though (480x360) to use it. If the screen is too big there will be an explanation on the screen to modify your client and restart Minecraft. However, I found I do not have to restart. I can just drag my window smaller and it works. Of course that's on a PC.

  13. I like the idea!

    another cool thing ya could do is to type /v <item> and then you tp to a shop selling that item. :D That would be cool.
  14. I'm surprised more people haven't heard of Giselbaer's EMC Shop Locator because the mod basically already does this.

    When you boot the game up the mod goes and downloads the database and you'll have all the updated shop sign locations. This database gets updated by everyone that's running the mod, and while running the mod it is actively scanning the chunks around you to check for shop signs. You only need to be in an area for about 5 seconds for it to scan all the chunks around you. At an interval you set it'll upload new shop signs as well as any signs that were marked as invalid to Giselbaer's server. Signs that are marked invalid are signs that the shop locator was expecting to find at a certain location but didn't find it.

    Very useful tool!

    To my understanding, your screen can't be too small, I'm running it on a 1600x900 resolution and it'll open fine. There is a setting in it that makes it ignore screen sizes and open anyways but it may not look very pretty.
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