The new smp4 mega mall (sell and buy)

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  1. Hello everyone I just want to say I opened a mega mall on smp4
    Res 8402

    I have already made 53k off it but I just want to open more floors on the mall

    Feel free to buy and sell to the mall :)
  2. Yay, thank you
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  3. Nice :D I Shall Shop There alot :D
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  4. Buy Ore at 8402 while its still in stock :)
  5. (Bump)

    New food floor planning to open today
  6. Yum yum yum.
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  7. Umm why is it closed in my time of need D:
  8. Bump

    2 new floors now open
  9. Now with ore in stock :)
  10. Btw what did you need? Lol
  11. I came for lapiz ore and didn't find any....disappointed
  12. God apples in stock, at the food floor :)
  13. New design stuff has been added to the left and right side of the 8402 mall spawn
  14. Sell all the ore you have to smp4 mall 8402 :)
  15. Carpet in stock now
  16. Selling TNT. Now ;)
  17. Bump new power up for god apples