The New New Republic

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  1. Due to SMP9 Crashing, for the time being I will make The New New Republic on SMP5.

    What if there was a wild outpost
    that was more than just a wild outpost
    that was a full sovereign state within EMC in its own right
    where players could claim themselves as citizens
    and claim land for their nation through architectural expansion?

    What if there was a wild outpost
    which hugely expanded the number of ways you can play Minecraft
    where players have powers driven by the foremost economists and politicians
    where players have the power of a currency and a nation to conquer as they see fit
    in a society as in-depth as those in reality?

    What if there was a wild outpost
    where trade and survival was supercharged
    democratically based law presides and rules over all citizens
    where there was a currency regulated by a complex network of banks
    where any citizen can trade anything however they like
    and inspire leagues of their own kind to stand tall and control their own society?

    The New Republic is one of the most complex wild projects ever conceived in Empire Minecraft.

    Pioneered by the leading economists, politicians and social scientists of the Empire,
    a Genesis Convention is planned to take place in the wild of SMP9,
    where pilgrims throughout the Empire shall seek to forge an entirely new society,
    led by a collaboratively created in-game constitution,
    and ruled by a democratic assembly of players throughout the nation.

    The Genesis Convention will reinvent the wild outpost in its entirety
    replacing the outdated paradigm of a simple suburb of buildings created in the wild
    with a structured, intricate and planned society emulating those of the real world
    with a multifaceted government equipped with a treasury, central bank, community embassy and judicial offices,
    which shall rule and encourage trade, cultural development,
    citizenship as a Neorepublican,
    regulate a new currency based on player-made banks and the written book,
    and establish a phenomenal multi-layer capital city,
    with a towering central government complex,
    surrounded by a beautiful state park,
    and skyscrapers preceding factories, suburbs, farms and quarries.

    A citizen can provide services in return for the currency,
    or run for political office in the Grand Democratic Assembly.
    A citizen can start a bank and receive loans from the central bank,
    and repay them by providing loans to businesses and citizens.
    A citizen can work in the quarries mining for diamonds,
    or expand the New Republic by overseeing huge prolific architecture
    capable of defining the nation itself.

    We won't just be stopping at a single city, however,
    any player can start a colony of the New Republic,
    obeying its laws and retaining a degree of autonomy,
    their colony can grow to great measures and become a city in its own right,
    fueling the Town economy through trade, progress and infrastructural might
    players can join the New Republic from Town by asserting a territorial claim
    meaning the New Republic is capable of stretching to every habitable corner of the Empire
    eventually, no Minecraft server will be safe,
    and the Neorepublican influence will stretch beyond Minecraft to other MMOs, games,
    and perhaps some day the real world.

    The New Republic will be a nation of freedom,
    a nation of understanding and reason, a nation of trade and economy,
    a nation of progress, and regaining the good lost in the past,
    players will be protected and entitled to much by the state,
    allowing for the free associated citizens of the New Republic to truly excel.

    That's what's waiting for you if you come to the Genesis Convention.
    Will you accept the offer?
    If so, post on the thread, and I'll add you into one of our group convos, making you a member.

    Join us and shape the world.
  2. As long as it's under NR sovereignty :cool:
  3. what happened ??
  4. Only as long :cool:
  5. Due to us not being able to log on to smp5, The New New Republic has been disbanded
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  6. That escalated quickly
  7. really? i was going to join..... i have an outpost perfect to use for the start! :)