The new land of emc!

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  1. Me being an explorer payed of in diamonds but not by another player yes randomly spawned diamonds! Now now before all you other players out there I'm not saying we're it is but I can tell you it was my best adventure ever. Me and my friend giantwriter13 were exploring looking around And so we want in a rather diagnole direction and there behold in front of us was a new land how do we know this well clearly there were lag chunks undistuerbed land and new 1.7 biomes and there was a village. So a whole new land in our hands to build on so instead of destroying the village we made it our base and it was next to a roofed forest so we made a fort wood walls were easy to get then 1 day we booth agreed it was to far to be going to and from town with supplies so we abanded it I still return for old sights memories and mining but most of all is what I discovered
  2. OK, not sure what you were saying about diamonds...

    But cool you found some new land. You should take some supplies and build a home.
  3. If you want help building the outpost up I will help!
    Which server?
  4. It's on smp3 and by diamonds I meant to say diamond ore :)
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  5. Want me to help?
  6. I'll ask giantwriter13 most of the ore is gone and it's about an 15-20 minute trip about 10 mins in water 5 mins walking
  7. We don't want a huge outpost and it is a long way away