The New Epic Floating Restaurant!

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  1. Recently...
    On SMP9...
    A glorious creation was opened...
    It was called...
    The Epic Floating Restaurant...
    On Residence 18513.

    Alright, enough of my bad intros. Anyway, yes, I have opened a restaurant on SMP9, residence 18513. It really is floating. To get to it, simply go to SMP9, and travel to Residence 18513. From there, take the Epic Floating Town and Restaurant Teleport, and then follow the signs. I really don't know what else to say, but I will post screenshots, and the menu below:

    Exterior: Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.29.46 PM.png
    Interior: Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.30.06 PM.png

    Pink Cream Soda (Instant Health Potion): 12r
    Mountain Dew (Potion Of Poison): 10r
    Dr. Pepper (Potion Of Strength): 8r
    Chicken Nuggets:
    4 Piece: 16r
    6 Piece: 24r
    Hamburger: 12r
    Pork Ribs: 5r per Piece
    Chicken Sandwich: 8r
    French Fries: 2r per Fry
    Salad: 10r
    Watermelon Slices: 1r Per 2

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them below, and be sure to visit!
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  2. French fries?
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  3. Yes, baked potatoes :p
  4. Very Interesting!

    Me: *Calls Restaurant*
    You: *How can I help you?*
    Me: I would like to place an Order of 50 Dcs of Chicken Nuggets for my Son*
    You: .....
    Me: Your Deadline is 2 minutes from now
    You: I...Um.... Well...
    Me: Alright Thanks Ill ill call back soon!
    You: Uh Oh *Hides in corner forever*
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  5. Hmm, imagine going to McDonalds or something and trying to order 50 plastic bags full of chicken nuggets :p
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  6. Trust me, they might have a beyond what you see chicken nugget thing and they have 500 million of them. :p
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  7. The sad thing is that stuff like this actually does happen. *source: I have worked at McDonalds*
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