The New and Improved SMP4 Directory!

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  1. It's taken nearly 4 months but I've finally finished renovating and updating
    the SMP4 Directory!

    Updates include:
    - Newly designed teleport halls for easier navigation (and they're prettier too :))
    - Updated residence categories
    - New sheep shearing area
    - More villagers to trade with
    - New perimeter wall with entry points at all 4 corners
    - A few other aesthetic changes

    The Directory still offers free public utilities including anvils, enchanting, brewing, villager trading and sheep shearing.

    Stop by and see the new and improved SMP4 Directory (/v +directory or 9308), and as always let me know if you have a residence you'd like to see added!
  2. I remember using this back when I joined emc, good times :')
  3. Our directory <3
  4. This, would deserve to be located at a spawn res :3
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  5. really helped me 2 find some good shops 2day! ^.^