The Nether

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  1. 2014-05-24_03.18.02.png You do not like The Nether, you say? Well, I must tell you, I happen to like The Nether a great deal, and, as you can see, The Nether also holds great fondness for me. This was after 4 hours of continuous farming, no breaks, no logging off.

    What are your favorite/least favorite things about The Nether? My favorite thing about it is that you don't have to worry about ever being bored. There's always something happening at any given moment, whether you're avoiding a Ghast's fireballs, running from a hoard of Zombie Pigmen, or carefully treading around a lava lake, you're always entertained while in The Nether. :cool:
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  2. Least Favorite: Wussy Ghast that fly high and shoot down and never come down.
    Most Favorite: The amount of Quartz thats laying around.
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  3. Least Favourite: Ghasts
    Most Favourite: Lava

  4. Ah ok I probably figured while I was exploring you were mining
  5. I really like that there aren't really mobs you have to worry about. I mean, you have the ghasts, but I mean that zombie pigmen are neutral instead of hostile.
  6. I don't mind mobs
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  7. I <3 Netherhounds
  8. Netherhounds are good, they're a good source of food if you're running low c:
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  9. I don't mind Ghasts as long as I have an Infinity Bow. without it, it becomes a problem.