The Nature Emporium at smp2

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  1. 2013-08-19_15.17.25.png 2013-08-19_15.17.44.png 2013-08-19_15.17.13.png The Nature Emporium, a small store selling stuff made in nature, is now open. It is located at 3255 on smp2. Our items we sell currently and their prices are:
    • Wheat-16 for 8 rupees
    • Seeds-32 for 16 rupees
    • Birch Saplings-3 for 1 rupee
    • Oak Saplings-4 for 1 rupee
    • Birch Logs-16 for 32 rupees
    • Charcoal-64 for 64 rupees
    • Dirt (obviously)-64 for 1 rupee
    • Carrots-2 for 4 rupees
    • Potatoes-3 for 5 rupees
    • Cactus-2 for 4 rupees
    • Melons: 5 for 2 rupees
    • Pumpkins: 2 for 1 rupee
    • Oak Leaves: 4 for 4 rupees
    • Sugar cane: 4 for 2 rupees
    • Nether Wart: 2 for 2 rupees
    • Cocoa Beans: 3 for 2 rupees
    The list of items we sell will grow over time, as it is just a small store right now. All the items for sale are made on site at the same residence. Even the charcoal is made on the residence.
    If you want the best in nature, come to the nature emporium. Saving the planet since July 2013
  2. I need a "love" option...
  3. Carrots will be on sale soon! Potatoes are to come later
  4. Carrots and Birch Logs have been added and Oak Saplings are now restocked
  5. Potatoes and Cactus have been added to the shop
  6. My only suggestion is adding mob eggs and byproducts of those animals(wool leather etc)
    Good job though :D
  7. Item: Charcoal
    Amount: 45 stacks
    Price: 2880
    Pick-up: As soon as possible
  8. those will be added much later on.
  9. not taking bulk orders for charcoal right now, sorry.
  10. I need a price raise on potatoes... Somewhere about 1k per potato? I think that sounds good. ^.^

    Also, is charcoal really made in nature? I mean, it's burning wood.. :/
  11. :( I need charcoal.....
  12. Charcoal is made from wood, which is a natural item, so yes
  13. i can get you the charcoal, but it will take a while, as in a week
  14. It's made from burning wood... Hmmm, time to google search! :D
  15. I can wait that long. Message me when its ready!
  16. From Now until July 20th at 9:30 PM Pacific time, wheat, carrots, and potatoes will be on sale at half price. Get them before they're gone!
  17. Time to talk about new additions to the store! The building now has an addition area where pumpkins and melons are growing. This means that Pumpkins and Melons are now for sale!!!!!
    The sale of them will start as soon as possible. I will post prices immediately, though, so you can see what prices to expect.

    Remember, we sell things to you cheaply, so that you can have a good life out in the wild, or in town, or in the wastelands, without dying of hunger
  18. New pictures added.

    By the end of the year, the shop will be moving to my main residence, 3470 also on smp2, but the farms will stay. The reason for the move is because the current residence is getting too crowded with farms and shops and storage.
  19. How many stacks of oak sapling are in stock? :rolleyes:
  20. Just 2 stacks, but they are sold at 4 saplings for the price shown