The Mysterious Pig

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  1. Felt like writing something, so here's a random poem I wrote in half a minute. Not my best work, but that'll come later. :p

    When you look at a pig,
    What pops into your head?
    A revolting creature
    With filth for a bed?
    How about a noble beast
    That will above all
    Protect its dear piglets,
    So vulnerable and small?
    Pigs are loving.
    Pigs are pink!
    But when you see one,
    Is that what you think?
    Do you see a helpful thing
    Who will always snuffle
    Just to help humans
    Find a measly truffle?
    Yes, pigs are caring!
    Pigs are great!
    It's cute and cuddly
    Even in a muddy state!
    So why is it that when I watch
    This godly creature eat
    All that I see
    Is bacon on feet?

    EDIT: Just read it for real, and ug, the rhythm is terrible. I need some new ideas. XD
  2. Pigs ( high five)
  3. Making this my writing thread, but sheesh, this lack of ideas stinks. Anyhow, here are some random haikus.

    Boy, are you crunchy!
    And kinda bitter and bruised.
    You're better as pie.

    Oh, you're so tasty!
    Juicy and soft and round and-
    Dang it! Stupid peel.

    You don't taste too bad.
    And you're easy to peel, and-
    EW! What are these strings?

    Your skin is lovely!
    You're juicy. You're delicious!
    You're sweet perfection.

    You see where I'm going with this? :p
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  4. Rainbow Fruit?
  5. Aw yus! :cool:

  6. Oooh, somebody's going to pay
    Because I was killed by a zombie today!
    When he walked up to my side,
    With arms opened wide,
    I thought he just wanted to play. :(

    Okay, that's it! Somebody give me a topic to write about, even just a couple of words. I need some good solid ideas! :p
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