The Music Thread!

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  1. Well, there have been other music threads, but they have died off. So, without further ado, the NEW music thread!

    Rwgular Music Taste: It's anything but.
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  2. Eyeshine, need I say more.. :3 (And yes, that is the Black Ranger singing.. :cool: )
  3. This is a CD I have been listening to a lot over the past week. It should really be taken as a whole but here are a few tracks.

    As to what the CD is about, this was taken off of wikipedia:
    Cult of Luna rehearsed in an area that was once the site of a long demolished mental institution. Upon moving their practice space to a different spot on the same site, the band uncovered long forgotten relics of the hospital, including old apparatus and medical journals. Amongst the discovery was the diary of Holger Nilsson, a former inmate of the prison placed there after drowning his wife. The diary was titled 'Tales from the Eternal Kingdom'.
    Digesting the diary, the band realised that they had stumbled upon the ramblings of a madman. In the diary, Nilsso blamed the death of his wife on the N├Ącken, a Swedish folk entity believed to be Satan. The diary created a completely imagined world in which owl men and tree men all contributed to a fantasy story that explained why Nilsson was innocent of the crime.
  4. it's free.jpg
  5. The songs I'm trying to download literally aren't being sold, have no links, or anything. I generally buy music whenever I can.
  6. that's cool, i'm just scoffing at the comment about "never pay for music again" because that is a huge problem
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  7. I always pay for music, and if I can I buy CDs.
  8. I completely agree. If you really liked the band you would pay for the music. Those bands are out there trying to make a living off music (which is already hard enough) and now they have to deal with people stealing their music. I don't get how people think it is okay to steal music.
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  9. *COUGH* I like to buy my songs of itunes *COUGH* with my money *COUGH*

  10. can't stop listening to this song
  11. Now I'm thinking with portals:

    Listen to these songs!
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  12. Chiptune, the music of the Gods:
  13. No, it isn't, it was just used in Ponies: The Anthology 2. They got permission to use it from Amananaguchi though.
    EDIT: Funny thing is, I found this song randomly looking through chiptune, and then remembered where I first heard it.
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