The Moving Light INC.

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  1. What is this?
    This is my own incorporation that will create, look, discuss
    Cool is there a way to join or get in the inc?
    Well yes, you we can hire you, or invite you to get in.
    Did you already start?
    Well no, we will soon start with a building and some underground farms, etc.
    I have a guild/inc. and i would like to "link" our groups, is it possible?
    Yes, you can if we both are in conditions to do it.
    But, how does it benefits me?
    We will have XP grinder setters, farm keepers, builders and some other services!
    Were is it?
    It is gonna be in smp9 thats everything i know for now.
    Nothing ATM.

  2. *mega facepalm*
  3. lol alex has competition :D ( though this shouldnt last long )
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  4. As i saw many people with everything about incorporations and stuff i was like, "how couldn't think about something like this b4" lol
  5. I think his mega facepalm was because of "Discussion in 'Acceptable EMC Minecraft Mods'"
  6. *cough* this sounds SOOOO like the LLO *cough*
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  7. +1
  8. There are lots of outposts, not just LLO xD
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  9. speaking of LLO help me get their panda, i get terribly lost....
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  10. dont you know how to use the live map?
  11. I don't know how to use lots of things......
  12. well ( not being mean ) you shouldnt be a supporter if you dont know EMC. eiether learn or degrade your status
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  13. I meant in RL -_-)
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  14. same here then . sorry im in a bad mood XD . but seroiusly figure out the live map dude
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  15. Dude calm down. I have seen so many posts from you today all sounding like you're ready to stab someone in the eye or something crazy :confused:
  16. I know how to use it, but i have a bad sense of directions. Take a chill pill bro.
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  17. i see your point. ( do you want me to stab you in the eye? jkjk ) im like this somedays. it happens to everyone.
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  18. like my post above if you have a bad sense of directions get rei's minimap it helps alot :)
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  19. This thread has no grammar/punctuation...
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  20. You haven't read my posts Alex....