The Morel Log

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  1. State and discuss your recent 2015 morel mushroom finds with your minecraft friends!
    P.S. Haven't found any yet but haven't gone looking yet, planning on going tomorrow.
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  2. I just know they taste good.
    Never seen any here where I live. May not grow around here.
  3. What state do you live in if you don't mind me asking? I live in Pennsylvania.
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  4. Alabama
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  5. Texas
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  6. Had to look these up. Never realized they were even edible, let alone sought-after.
    The woods above the upper yard have dozens of 'em all over - briefly. Animals get to 'em quick though.
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  7. My main WoW character was named Morel. I just thought it sounded cool didn't know it was a shroom for awhile

  8. NOM NOM NOM. this was last year, they haven't poked thier head out of the ground here yet. ky/ohio

    Edit: went looking, found nothing
  9. Oh! So glad you posted it, I keep missing seasons :-P Seems Ill be taking a hike sometime soon.
  10. I had never heard of these things before. Interesting.
  11. We have some guys who hunt for them in the tree-lined fields next to school. Otherwise they find plenty around the countryside. Last year one of them gave a large, 3 kg bag of morels to one of the monks in the abbey next to us. He's an excellent cook, so he was happy to be given that many.
    I don't know if they've found any yet this year. The weather has made it hard.
  12. Do these things taste good?

  13. If you like Mushrooms...
  14. Wow this thread got more posts than I thought it would. Morels have been reported in all 50 states I believe but are mainly found in the states like PA, OH, IL, IN, KY, WV, KS, MO, and IA. I went for a walk today but didn't see any. Generally the season is mid-April to early-June, all of May is prime time. When the nights stay above 40 F, the days
    are above 60 F, and it rains the night before it is a good day to go in the morning. Morels are very tasty. In fact they have a rich, meaty flavor. The best way to cook them is to fry them in butter and salt and pepper them. Some people like to bread them.
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  15. Oh and I forgot, they go for upwards of $20.00 dollars a pound.
  16. Beautiful!
  17. If you find them yourself, do you eat them or sell them?
  18. EAT THEM!!! nom nom nom. Way too delicious to share haha.
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  19. What Gawadrolt said. :)
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  20. What gunthro, & Gawadrolt said. lol
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