The Mine Shafts.

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  1. I am Greg Skit, professional miner, and a man after the truth. I was born in 1889 in the mining town of Obsidian. My dad worked as a smith, my mom worked on a wheat farm. As soon as I could make my first wooden pickax, I was hooked. I started with some sandstone and moved onto some stone. I still have that pick. When I was 15, I got my first job in the mine, a dirt remover... It wasn't the type of mining job I wanted but hey, I had to start somewhere. After a few months of working as this, making 10R a hour, I finally got the job as a coal miner. This is where my search of truth, the truth of why the mine shafts are abandoned. In school, we were all told that they were abandoned because of flooding, as I would find out, this was totally wrong. One day, in June, I was mining in a new section of the mine, I found a big area of coal. As I dug down, I fell into a open space. I little walking took me into a hall way, held up by wood. I saw lots of iron can coal. I first thought this was a forgotten section of the mine, but I little walking proved otherwise. I soon was in another open space, with a bunch of hall ways. I then saw a monster spawner. I got closer to it, trying to break it, but as soon as I got to it, A spider popped out.

    Since we were not supposed mine outside of the halls, only high rank miners were given a sword. I ran as fast as I could. Then, a big set man jumped out and killed it. I asked him who he was and all he said was that he would say when we got to his hut. When we got their, I could tell it was here for a long time. Rotten wood, cracked stone, but it also looked safe, mainly since I was under ground, with no where better to go. He said his name was Orge Redder. I asked him if he was a forgotten miner. He said he was, but not a miner from where I worked, he was the last, of this Mines workers. "I used to live in Obsidian. Not your Obsidian, but the old one." He said. "What happened to it?' I asked, wondering why he was still here. "Its not worth talking about right now. Come one, we need to get you out of here."

    *More to come*
  2. If you would like to be in my story, pay me 50R for a small part and 100R for a big part.
  3. sweet. no cash tho XD
  4. haha, nice story man! :) Very creative :)
  5. Ok, I will give you a big role, since your the first to donate.