The Melon Shop

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  1. Donations no longer accepted/needed.
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  2. Wow imma buy some melons...
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  3. Are the melon heads dropped from melons or are they fakes?
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  4. Oh, every time a melon grows, it has a 1/400 chance of spawning melon god with 100 health that must be killed.
  5. Those flying melons :0
  6. Dis be legit melon heads doe, I haz one from nick... back when I got mine they was 10,000r... so sad u lowers price.
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  7. Mine too then I found out they are fakes...
  8. They arent fake

    those are the heads that are in minecraft (most not obtainable) but emc has tweaked it so that we get the first 3 rows excluding herobrine... plus I believe, correct me if I am wrong, the melon head.
  9. I also don't think we can get cave spiders, wither, or steve. And I've been told that iron golem heads can't be obtained.
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  10. Small bump and announcement that when I get home from visiting skydragonv8 in Florida tomorrow, I will redesign the shop. Seeing how not many people buy certain amounts of melon, and I will be restocking tomorrow too.
  11. I have redesigned the shop and it is now open, however I am still in the process of stocking.
  12. Herobrine head? Really?
  13. This is awesome. I have already bought 4 double chest.
  14. Is the Melon Head A player head or does a melon Really Drop it on rare occations O_O
    And theres No Heads Left :p
  15. LOL I'm so coming to check it out... even though i don't need melons. :) Great Tourist attraction.
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  16. Can you really get all those heads? And how to get melon, and what heads are those at the last row?
  17. There will be an announcement in early January about the heads.
  18. I stopped by the other day, didn't buy anything, debating on making one of my malls out of melons...
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  19. While the store is under renovation, you can still buy melon slices!