The me-stranded-on-a-island project.

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  1. I have this little idea. I will be making myself a castaway on a jungle island somewhere in SMP7. This will be harder then my walks to the SMP3 outposts. (If any of you remember that!) I will only have the following with me.

    A few wooden planks
    A little bit of cobble stone
    A sword
    Some leather amour hanging around my SMP3 res
    A pickaxe
    A axe
    Some torches
    And last but not least, food.

    My goal for this is to work my little hut into a good sized island home. I have not started yet but will soon. The challenge will NOT start until I make it to land. (In other worlds, if I want to start right in the morning, I can stay in my boat until sun rise.

    Also, you might say, "Well with those tools, you will make it for sure, so its not fair!" But but but, I can NOT go back into town for ANYTHING! (But I can go to different severs)
  2. Another reason for me doing this is to show that anyone can play Minecraft, but not everyone can go out and really play Minecraft.
  3. Hmm another project I see... You could do a "Finished my last project" post for once instead starting new projects all the time. But this is your thing.

    Dont see where the fun is in playing on a multiplay server to go live on your own in the wild all alone?! It will not proof that you are some special player though. All of us startet without tools on this server ... So we all know how it feels to go out in the wild.

    Have fun beeing on your own anyways :)
  4. I like livin in the wild. cood i cum with?
  5. You get iron tools if you complete the tutorial correctly :)
  6. I received a payment before I finished the tutorial so i didnt got anything not even rupee. So I still may say that XD
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  7. I'm just doing it for fun. If you cant get over the fact that I am starting with some tools, then you might as-well be getting mad at all the other players that have done stuff like this. Also, all my tools are going to be stone. (Except the sword, which will be iron. Its not like i'm going out loaded with diamonds....
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  8. Nah, he is a thread factory...
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  9. And I also see you still have to jack my stuff into anti-me posts?
  10. if you see factories as bad things then you should stop eating, driving, buying, drinking, well... stop living perhaps?
  11. Well it is only my opinion. I'm not emotional about that. So I would never get mad about something this insignificant. I just wanted to tell you how you appear to me. In case you maybe see yourself wrong. And copherfield kind of supports that. We just tell you think about what you post. Are people who take time to read this really interested in it. Or will they be like "did I just wasted 2 minutes reading that?" You will not receive a lot of love if you create a lot of posts like that
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  12. I give up with you. There is nothing stopping me with posting anything that is not inappropriate. Also, like I said on my wall, I can start selling insurance on the forms.

    Once again, Its my post, if you don't like it, don't post.
  13. Not trying to hate as much as they did, but are you going back to your Vietnam movie thing? I really wanted to be a part of that. Also you kind of are a thread factory, you might want to stick to something until your done. Not to be mean.:D
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  14. I am putting it off for now. (Here comes the flame train) Also, I am aware that I do post a little to much. So, in other words, Copher, lay off.
  15. You guys shouldn't hate on him as much, he just tries to put out what is on his mind, really, keep his friends on EMC updated when they aren't online. I think most of his wild-faring adventures are epic, could you record it or have someone come with you as a cameraman?
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  16. I prefer to do this stuff alone, but I might make a log about it.
  17. You missunderstand I did not at any moment wanted to harm him nor do I hate him. I just told him my opinion. Its just that people nowadays cant deal with critiques anymore. This is really sad. Because we only learn from misstake if we realize we do them. So I for my part am always glad about it if somebody calls my attention to something odd I made and haven't noticed.
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  18. I will lay back and rest in peace.
    Great words my brother.
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  19. Wait, so your all saying we don't want mrlegit to play half the entire games concept? Sure, he adventures alot. But it's not evil,vor against the rules :D I think these threads are kinda more for him then us anyways ^_^ like a log
  20. I was missing so many achievements since EMC is the only way ive played MC, and you start with tools...

    I did this but reallly RAW on the first SMP7 when it was mod only. I went out with nothing, chopped down a tree, wooden tools, stone tools, then to iron... had my own little bunker in a mountain i had to wait out the night in. it was fun..

    but the wild got reset :( its gone.