The Master Chef's Cooking Thread

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  1. So for anyone who went to the April 15th Friday Night Miners, you know how I got this idea. I was the town chef and had a lot of fun making food for everyone and describing myself in third person. So much fun that I decided to make it a full time occupation! So this is where I, Master Chef SteamboatWillie, will post all my cooking related news.

    The master chef will be cooking food for everyone at Friday Night Miners when he can attend

    You can soon hire the chef to cater at your event
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  2. Projects

    Mighty Kitchen-Quartz and coal donations greatly appreciated
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  3. FNM Menu
    Friday April 22

    First Course: Baked Potatoes
    Second Course: Mushroom Stew
    Dessert: Pumpkin Pie
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  4. Even though I don't actively participate in FNM (or miner mania as I think it's called now?) I love seeing things like this! Players having fun and working hard to make their own fun. And the best part? Now I'm tempted to look you up during the next FNM because you made me curious :)

    Love it, can't wait what you'll be cooking up next :D
  5. I have updated this thread with a menu section for FNM, the chef may expand to other weekly events but for now FNM is the only one he can attend consistently