The Lost City Outpost of SMP6!

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  1. Attention.
    You may or may not have heard of the Lost City Outpost on smp6 started by RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66,
    but we need more members at the outpost because a lot of our members are either not on all the time like they used to be, or they quit on us. Either way we need more members!
    Here is the new application form:
    Contributions you can give:
    Cool ideas:
    Will you be able to help with building?:
    Have you been banned? If so, why?

    I or another member of the outpost will accept your application if we deem you worthy of joining. When that happens, I or another member will pm you the coordinates of the outpost.
    Thank you
  2. Did this need a third thread?
  3. This is only a second thread
  4. No there was the original thread, then a new one then this. Unless robot_chicken got the original thread's name changed...
  5. ive never seen u on smp6 lol
  6. who. me or mba
  7. you, you must be on at some really weird times
  8. I haven't been on in ages. :p
  9. No I haven't heard of this... I assume it is similar to the LLO however smaller?
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  10. Yeah. It's just a small outpost on smp6. Built around some mountains.
  11. Wait, so who's still in it?
  12. I dont know because few people that were in it still go on
  13. Oooooh Mountains!
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  14. It looks really cool. Especially with Robot_Chickens beacon in the middle.
  15. I made the inner dorms, but had people customize them. I originally had a 1 1/2 floor dorm, but switched to a new one I made. Its 3 floors and Im planning on adding a guest room
  16. The beacon is there?? It was gone last time I was on smp6, thought it was stolen.
  17. Is this the one far out from spawn on an island where slip has an underground house? I go there all the time, you're never on 6 anyways.
  18. Oh, it's stolen? I haven't been on in ages. :p
  19. :eek: b-b-b-beacon!!!
  20. Yeah, beacon's been gone for awhile. I think we've also have had a break-in as South's door and a block from RoBoT's room are missing and quite possibly any unlocked chests were looted.