The Lost Cave Hotel!

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  1. Hello all and Welcome

    This is a Thread to advertise my new Hotel. This is located on smp9 on res# 18313. a well known res to the hundreds of people that use my shop. The Teleport to the Hotel can be found here

    . Once in the Hotel any doors in the teleport hall without a name are open rooms. All Rooms are free to all
    Unless you have been banned form my Res for any reason
    Untill July 1st. It is currently 1st come 1st serve for rooms any any rooms claimed now are kept by the player untill june1st when new people shall be allowed to take part in the free hotel room event.

    After which Room well cost 750r per 3 weeks. that being the minium rental, ill be setting the max rental to a 30 weeks

    Each player is given 1 hour to decorate their room, so long as it does not change the shaper or size of the room from the pre set. Choose you materials before hand as you well be given the [place flag]. This mean you can build but not destroy

    -access sign well be placed on any item within you room that requires it
    -item frames and flower pot require me to place items within them

    Q and A section!

    Q: What happens to my stuff when my time in the hotel is up?
    A: Ill remove anything and place it with the item holding cell and you'll have 48 hours to pick it up

    Q:What happens to my stuff after the 48 hours and i have yet to pick it up?
    A: It'll all be donated to my Drop party ill be holding for my 400th day with Emc

    Q:what happens to a players stuff if they go Derelict or get Perma Banned
    A: you Items become Void and got towards the donation of the drop party

    Q:What is Derelict?

    Q: If i go Derelict and have rented a Room a for a long peroid of time, what happens to my Room?
    A: You Forfit your room and stuff within it just as if you res would be reset you time left with the hotel well not be rolled over towards another stay

    Pictures of

    View from Spawn in

    Ride side view from spawn

    Left side view from spawn

    Hallway to the Rooms

    Current residents!

    Rules Room

    Rules/item pick up

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  2. There are two empty spoiler that spawned out fo nowhere ignore them and enjoy

    On a side note, There is some hidden stuff within the Hotel area enjoy and post any Quaetions and comments you may have here tyvm
  3. I was shopping on your res, saw the sign for this and had a look around. AMAZING JOB. The lighting effect, concept, design and build of this is really, really well done. Awesome!
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  4. So... this is what the mineshaft was... I have to check this out! :d
  5. Looks amazing :D
  6. Yes, it'll be converted in a giant maze between 4 res very shortly
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  7. Impressive. I'll have to check this out soon :D
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