The Long Journey Ahead

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  1. Well for those who don't know, on Smp 8 I am over 100k blocks out. I did this because at one time I saw some one with a base 40k blocks out. Early in my Minecraft days this seemed like a huge distance away, and it made me want to make a base of my own out far out into the wilderness. At the time in Minecraft I was pretty dependent on Pab10s so I asked him if we could do the same. Around a week later we were out around 25k blocks on Smp 3, starting the very base I spent most my time at for a long time. Well, after that I wanted to go farther. I started my boat trip(well mainly boating) on Smp8, with a goal of 100k. I finally got there after many many hours of boating and settled at a very nice big island(considering the odd land generation the farther you go out). I set up a nice little base(well a start) and didn't play it much after. So that brings me to now, and I'm thinking I ought a try to get even farther :) Today I actually started watching kurtjmac's "Farlands or Bust" series on youtube today, so that really got me excited to start this.

    I'm going to try this on Smp 1, so I thought I'd make a log of my progress for you guys to see, even though it may be dreaded slow :p I'll be sure to post screenshots along the way, especially when I come across the odd land generation that may occur :) I plan to gather some supplies and materials and head out before this weekend :)

    Wish me luck :)
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  2. You could cut that distance by 8 using nether tunnels. :) Unless that isn't the goal.
  3. Good luck and have fun!!!
  4. What are nether tunnels?!
  5. Mining tunnels to whatever outpost you want to get to in the nether since 1 block in the nether is equal to 8 in the overworld.
  6. That's not the goal :p Plus I find the nether a pain when having to go in and to collect materials for pickaxes and such, since they go so fast in the nether. Besides, boating is easier to do while multitasking and keep my mind busy :)
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  7. Also, there really isn't a goal... this will just be mindless traveling as far as I desire...
  8. Okay.....
  9. The Journey Begins! Anyone wanna hop on Smp1 and talk to me lol... You can't imagine how boring it gets walking in a straight line for hours :/ ... Yet I still do it and enjoy it haha.
  10. Well, I spent a decent amount of time boating and may have possibly fell asleep and almost drown or something...
    So I figured this would be a good time to end for tonight, here are some snapshots of the first day's sunrise :)

    Current Z Axis:-19940
  11. Well someone convinced me not to do it one Smp 1 for multiple reasons.... Argghh, starting my trek back from 30k blocks from the north outpost, I will be deciding another server to do this on. Stand by :)
  12. Ha, haha, wouldn't know anything about this, nope, not me haha

  13. Wait why? Is it because of the lag issues?
  14. LOL why?
  15. Yeah this guy had nothing to do with my decision^^^
    Nope, just don't wanna miss all the special stuff that goes down on Smp1 :)
  16. What part of it is?
  17. Hmm??? Oh well... I am far out in the wild, not north but, for your jounrney, use the live map. It saves sooo much time...
  18. I use rei's, live map isn't needed :p
  19. Please! Make a video series of this!
  20. Uh... Uh... I'd need a recording software and computer microphone( I have ones for everything but a computer :/ )
    Also, it would be quite similar to Kurtjmac's series if I were to make it a video series.