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  1. Hello, my name is Shalom (Or my ingame name anyways)
    so today I thought I needed to get this off of my chest.

    I will tell you in advance. my life is no where near easy. and for all I know I could easily get severly injured daily.

    allow me to start from when I was in first grade. everything seemed alright. I wasn't hated or bullied by anyone. this is also the year I made friends that could hep me get through most of my life.

    now we will skip 2nd grade to 3rd grade. this was when I felt a feeling I never felt before. This feeling is called Depressed. I was bullied in this year all the time.It felt very new to me and I knew I couldn't do anything about it. so after many thoughts of severly hurting my self 4th grade came along. I had no friends in any of my classes and it seems as if I was left to almost die. when recess came along I sat on the swings and thought about what I could do. thought many things, one of them is a choice I will regret for the rest of my life. My choices I though of were Suicide, Drugs, Fighting back, and nothing. the choice I made was Fighting back. This by far is the stupidest choice I have ever made.

    September 11th in 5th grade is when I took karate classes. but I did one thing on one else ever did. not only did I go every day I could I also convinced the owner of the building/sensei to allow me to go to EVERY class in the day. that means I spent all day and a fair bit of the night there. I barely ever ate and I was taught everything. This next day is the day I will never forget, January 21st. This is the day that a kid at school bullied me. so what I did was punch him in the jaw. I knocked my first and last kid out. after this I felt the feeling of hatred. I wanted to "Kick a man while he is down" I didn't want him to get up. but I ceded. I Left and talked to a councilor. after telling basically the story I am telling YOU to her. she understood. I got no punishment. not even a detention.

    march 21st is the day that made me felt the least secure I have ever felt. my mother got my father in jail for doing nothing. every day of my life before that I always heard them arguing. but then after my father was sent to jail my mother "snapped" I never talked or even made eye contact with her. shortly before they divorced. but this was all in my mother's plan. my mother got my father in jail so she could take custody of me. so I could never leave. well, she was wrong, but right. It was true, I wouldn't ever be able to leave but what I could do was not do anything with her. That is exactly what I did. In the end it was a poor decision, she almost tortured me. Until I committed. I had to do obey her.

    Now to 7th grade. I finally felt more secure I had classes with all my friends. and the people who bullied me were my friends. we all had each others backs. long story short 7th grade was fine other than with my mother. but m father got out of jail so that is good to.

    8th grade. it was great! I got my best friend from preschool in 2 of my classes and made friends with a new kid the new kid had so much in common with me. we were both mis treated by our mothers and or father left us basically. my other friend from preschool whose nam is Damion is like us but not as poor, and his mother left.

    Now you may be wondering "SHALOM! why does it only go up to 8th grade...
    well I hate to say this but that is the grade I am in. I am in 8th grade and 13 years old. I lied about ,y age on EVERYTHING internet related. even EMC depending on the day I was either 18 to some or 22 to others. and for those who read this and I lied my age to I am sorry.

    Well, that felt good to get of my chest, I was almost in tears when this was typed. and that is saying something because I never cried. since kindergarten anyways. That is my life.
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  2. I hope that you find a Nice Place that will help you forget about all these items, Yes i know there are Several things you will never forget, for example, i will never forget the day i got off the school bus and saw my house on fire. But there is always things down the road that will help forget about alot of the stuff. I found places i was able to release my stress. You where lucky as you had someone that understood when you got to talk to someone. When i got to talk tp someone i was made fun of and got suspended every time i was beat up. I also found that after going to 3 different high schools, they people also changed, the last high school i was at for 4 years (Took a grade 13) the teachers and some students where very nice and helpful. The other 2 schools i was at for a semester each was not very nice to me. If you end up doing more education after school, you will be able to get away from home and start to have a new life.

    With the Depression, I will say that never goes away unless you find what is causing it. I found what was causing mine, but still have not been able to start my path to start my new life.

    During your life, you will have hundreds of friends, but the ones that stick with you all the way are your true friends, i have very few that are true friends. They are the hardest to find.

    Another factor that also helps is if you are close to people. I cant live in the city as i have a hard time breathing and sleeping in the city, so i have always been a far comute to everything. But if you live in the city, you will be able to get to events and friends easy.

    I found that EMC Helped me a lot, If you want to see my introduction to EMC just visit:
    Its not as clean, but if i did it this way it would be a Harry Potter Novel size haha.

    Hope you find some True Friends and Start a Better Life and Forget about a bunch of the bad that happend.

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