The Largest Promo Shop List!

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  1. The MEGA thread!

    Ladies and gents, I am collating a list of promo shops below for everyone who looks to buy promos!

    This list will be added to with every new person who creates a shop or comments below with whose shop it is. If you could give me some res numbers for people who you shop at promo wise that would be greatly appreciated and the list can be updated as we go :)

    So, I guess there should be some rules as to what justifies a "promo shop" and what goes on the thread! (these rules can be adjusted please feel free to add suggestions below).

    1) Must have more than 3 promos on sale
    2) The promos on sale but be stocked regularly, or changed in and out regularly, not every few months when they get a spare one
    3) If there is a preview chest set up, it must be of an active user, who actively sells promos. Not a res which the chest sits on and then is never sold from

    Without further ado, let's get this list started!
  2. SMP1 :

    ToddVinton - 2000

    zikko - 707

    SMP2 :

    4005 - AlexChance

    SMP3 :

    SMP4 :

    8992 - BFinc
    9001 - Pascal1881
    8366 - septhekid

    9372 - Haastregt
    9240 - Chocolate800

    SMP5 :

    10695 - Cowland123
    11463 - f_s_builder

    SMP6 :

    12938 - erai1210
    13293 - BanditLM

    SMP7 :

    14006 - mman2832

    SMP8 :

    16833 - SteveClasher
    17621 - Dubchef
    16505 - ELLIE_JOHNSON
    16247 - Zion_Moyer

    SMP9 :

    18245 - BitcoinDigger
    18721 - MatthewDA
    18200 - FDNY

    UTOPIA :

    5424 - Ben3400
    5555 - Mr_Poof_
  3. 8992, SMP4 :p
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  4. I shall add it once it's up :D
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  5. 4005 smp2 alex chance
    9001 smp4 pascal1881
    /v +ender smp4 septhekid
    2000 smp1 Toddvinton

    i know zion_moyer has a promo shop just cant remember his res number

    hope this helps these are are the only promo shops i remember atm xD
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  6. /v 6188, smp3 will soon sell promos, I'll let you know when the mall is up and running.
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  7. My newest promoshop at 16247 on smp8 is opening this friday! Or you can type /v +pp
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  9. I am going to use this list so hard. *watching of thread intensifies*
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  10. I'm not sure if it's still maintained or even up but BTHarrold98 use to have a promo shop on smp9 at /v BTHarrold98 :)
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  11. He/she (apologies BTHarold) has unfortunately shut it :( I used to go to that place all the time. Now it's a massive glowstone pyramid. Hoping that it reopen soon though :D
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  12. I r8 8/8 m8 say hey to k8 for me
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  13. i just set a temp promo shop up on smp6 /v 13293
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  14. Well, I'm already on the list so no need to ask! Thanks Dub, nice list, now following the thread :)

    I see you want confirmation on haastregt - I think he recently went on holiday or something... I think he's back now/soon
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  15. Was just about to say that haha.
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  16. Gracias FD. Any more you come across just let me know and I can add them :) I'll update haas now!
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  17. People can come to 10695 on smp5 and make me offers.
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  18. I own a promo shop 707
  19. smp? :)
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