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  1. It's Finally Here!!!!!
    The opening of my brand new promo shop and museum!
    I have been getting asked so much lately that I moved my opening day 2 weeks ahead.

    Here is what will be going down on the opening day.

    Drop Party
    I have set up around 5 DC of stuff to be dropped. Not all of the stuff is very rare
    BUT I do have some very rare items in there. Here are a few:
    *Dragon Stone*
    *Cupid's Bow*
    *I-Day Steak*
    *Magical Eggcellant Wand*
    *At least a 64 stack of each rare mining material (diamond, gold, etc)*
    That's just a few of the stuff being dropped.

    Money Giveaway

    I will be giving away 50,000 rupees at this event!
    How will I give the money away?
    I will have signed books with a rupee amount written on them. I will drop them from above the Drop Party House. If you get one, to claim it, you must mail Zion_Moyer the book. I will pay you as soon as possible!
    Here are the books with the rupees:
    15,000 (1)
    10,000 (1)
    5,000 (2)
    4,000 (2)
    2,000 (3)
    1,000 (1)

    After all that... the best moment!

    I will open the doors to my brand new PromoShop and Museum!!

    During this week only you can trade in a Zion_Moyer head for
    1750 rupees! Just mail me the head!

    When will this be happening?

    This Friday (8-21-15) at 7:00 pm emc time
    Come to /v 16247 on smp8!

    I may have to change if I am not available:(

    I'm sorry if this happens but it does sometimes.
  2. Please note that this res will have /move f until about an hour until the event
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  3. Congrats on your Grand Opening:D
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  4. Thanks! This promoshop will have way more space for promos than my other one
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  5. 7am or 7pm?
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  6. Oh yeah I forgot to add that in. It will be PM
  7. Is the tag still trimall?
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  8. No I have deleted that tag and I will tell the new tag when it opens
  9. Wish I could come! :)
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  10. 1 more day!
  11. Just a reminder this is happening tonight! And to clear things up this event will not be going on during FNM
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  12. As much as I hate to say this I have to reschedule my event :( I'm so sorry I will give something special to everyone who shows up on the next planned day. I am so sorry again but work calls
  13. awww :( ive only just read this and have been waiting at ya res for 30 mins ahahahaha xD alright seeya around buddy
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  14. It's ok real life takes priority. Look forward to the reschedule
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  15. cool, I thought I missed it:D
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  16. Awesome! I wasn't able to make it tonight! But it sucks that the shop isn't open :( I need to get in there soon xD
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  17. Ok so I looked at my schedule and I won't be able to host this party for a while and I really want to get it open for you guys! Sooo, around 6pm emc time today (August 27th) the store should be open! That is when I am available to get on! You can go to /v 16247 on smp8 or /v +pp (panda's promos). I will host the party along with my 1 year party which is in 3 days but I will not have the party for about 10 days or so! Thank you and have fun shopping and looking at the museum!
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