The Kudos Box!

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  1. The Kudos Box is a way to say "congratulations" or say something nice about someone else. On this thread, you can write Kudos to someone for doing something good.

    But first, what IS Kudos?

    Praise an honour received for an achievement
    "She was looking for Kudos rather than profit"

    Okay, here are some guidelines for this thread!
    1. Please be specific on what you're writing for. Don't just write "you're a good friend."
    2. Please write the name of the player you're writing to in the FIRST LINE of your Kudos
    3. Please don't anything but Kudos on this thread. Any questions, PM me.

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  2. Crazy_TJ has been working hard to build up this thread and they should be known for doing so.
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  3. Kudos to Dr_Chocolate for taking time out of his reking of nubs in pvp to respond to this thread in order to give himself a kudos.
  4. Kudos to Dr_Chocolate for writing himself a Kudos =)

    Kudos to Krysyy for getting rid of all the snow at town spawn =D
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  5. Kudos to fBuilderS for just being awesome