The Kitzonian Empire

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  1. This is a empire on a forest covered island(With a griefed mansion as a tourist attraction).I will release where it is when I get permission off shadow1944.
    Sadly there are no pictures.If you want to join please post below.
    You can apply for:
    Any army position(Unlimited)
    Queen of The Kitzonian Empire (Only 1)
    Those are IMPORTANT places you can apply for.You can apply for any kind of normal position.
    You can not apply for
    Prime minister (Gollark8)
    Secondary Prime minister (Thevividyoshi)
    King of The Kitzonian Empire (kitten3101)
    Army General (Adamhopkins98)
    Please consider joining!
  2. We are now asking for a police force to help the empire fight chest robbings.
    You can apply for in the police:
    Police chief (Only 1)
    Police commander (Only 1)
    Policeman (Unlimited)
    Your pay for helping the empire is 50 R a week.
  3. I may be the prime minister but I won't visit often.I'm just one of those players that prefers to stay in town.
  4. Alright gollark.
  5. Why make it a monarchy? Why not a republic? ;)
  6. Because we are a EMPIRE perhaps?
  7. He SAID it was a republic
    Not on this thread though
  8. Incorrect, there is a King as head of state. ;)
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  9. We try to combine it as gollark8(Prime minister)sorts out decisions but I(King)am just well royal and give everyone permission to own a house.I am honoured to have a new republic creator post on my empires thread.
  10. Ah, my little setup isn't as good as I make it out to be, but in case your thing becomes a thing, we'll certainly consider diplomatic relations. ;)