The Kirby Res Square

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  1. So, EMC, as of last night I accomplished the MIGHTIEST of all EMC goals:

    I have 4 residences in a square shape, 2x2!

    Res 4115, 4116, 4253, 4254

    However, I need help deciding what I should do with 4115, 4253, and 4254. 4116 is already the Hall of Staff and the shop!

    So, post comments here and tell me what I should build!

    5000r to each original idea that I use!
  2. A kirby and kirby themed something.
  3. LOL So like a massive 3D wool kirby?
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  4. If you didn't have the hall of staff (which I already knew you did because of the flyer) then I would suggest a transit map of Black Ops II Zombies but that's just me. You could do:
    • An amusement park
    • A mysterious bus station
    • An industrial factory looking res where you plot everything....
    • A statue to Kirby
    • Any of the above that involves solving some sort of a mystery
    Feel free to use anything! :)
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  5. A giant building with statues of different items :) U liek?
    A big fortress made of netherbrick with a shrine to the ruler of the nether , HEROBRINE
    A res where you build statues of players for 10,000r? ( I know I would buy one :p )
    A res where you make the ground look like space and a space station floating in the air.
    A statue of your favorite food :p (HUGE , HOLLOW AND 3D)
    A big hotel with luxuries like storage , swimming pool , a restaurant , a hot tub and a sauna.
    A big model of yourself and your name with a kirby shaped building ?
    A BIIIIIG wool model of a diamond block with one of your other ideas inside it.
    A building with different statues of kirby's forms.
    A big pixel art of kirby.
    A museum filled with all different items in minecraft and a crafting recipe and description.
    A big monument to your best friend.
    A land of wool (basically a overworld themed res made out of wool with a small mountain and maybe some hills?)
    A big statue of a meme of your choice but with a kirby theme.
    A kirby mini-game arena?
    A redstone activated moving model of kirby that only YOU can activate.
    Some cheese
    A huge bottle of water with different things in it?
    Some more cheese
    A statue of tnt with a description like this : NOT ONLY DIAMOND SUPPORTERS CAN USE TNT NOW ICECREAMCOW >:-D
    A statue of your favorite minecraft playing youtuber?
    A big plane shaped like the flyin thingy kirby rides on.
    A pixel art of your pet (if you have one)
  6. Yeah.. and you could maybe make an entrance on the mouth and make like something awesome inside or something.. :p

    And a lot of fireworks on the sidewalk and stairs and things
  7. OMG like I could put like the 200 ton weight thing on the inside, and the kirby warp stars, and all of the other stuff from brawl and kirby games that he uses!
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  8. :D i like brawl :D

    Also editing my post ...
  9. Yeah. :D
  10. Alright, so 1 res down, 2 to go! 5000r to Gap for the idea!
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  11. hmmmm look at my ideas if you have not seen em already :D im gettin streams of them.
  12. Tell me something else that you like.. :p
  13. Um...I dont know...
  14. lol i have too many ideas >:-D they will eventually fill this thread >:-D
  15. A basketball court? Baseball court? Hockey? Tenis?
    Amusement park?
    Museum of awesome people and the history of EMC?
  16. Hmmm....nah...
  17. woah , awesome idea
  18. hmmm I am still editing my post but running out of ideas
  19. You could also use the warp stars to teleport to recreations of levels- maybe king dedede's castle?
  20. I have not the skills to recreate a level of Kirby.