The invasion has begun

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  1. Week 1:

    - We found a suitable location for the establishment of the outpost. Large area... near water... close to extreme hills. If we're going to dig this much we may as well get emeralds in the process. The area is a good run from any portal. Having dealt with suicide bombers on previous invasions we know well enough to stay out of their way. They have a short attention span... and are unable to run great distances before becoming distracted.

    - Assisted the minions in travelling to the outpost. This was a chore. Sweetsilverowl minion was constantly distracted by flowers, sheep (which she named), and kept falling into ravines. I sometimes wonder about her capacity as a minion to an evil overlord... but then I hear her snicker when I slaughter sheep before she arrives. She will suffice. We fed several zombies as she was too distracted to make the trip in a single day. I collected the zombie heads. They will become the first decorations in the new outpost.

    - The minions informed me of the decision on the outpost style. Necropolis... city of the dead. After some research and discussions we settled on a grand strategy. This will take much work. The invasion of this world will truly be epic.

    - The work here will require many slaves and many resources. We established a small farm, a farmhouse, stable, tree farm, and pens. A slave settlement will be necessary in the future.
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  2. Week 2:

    - This world does not have the same transportation ability as previous worlds we have invaded. We must run the entire length of the overworld to swindle merchants of their currency. The inability of my minions to survive the trip is troubling. This will not do. I have established an underground tunnel from the necropolis to a secret entrance near the portal. The minions can now make the trip safely. The tunnel cost me several hours and several enchanted pickaxes, but it helps keep the minions active. It takes ten minutes to run the length of the tunnel from end to end.

    - My minions informed me of a great way to swindle more currency. They plan to enter a competition the locals have weekly and take all of the prizes. I agreed with their strategy and began to help establish a horse farm. The first few horses are sufficiently fast. The minions need more practice as the trees around the outpost have taken a beating, and I have had to dig several escape stairways from the ravines nearby.

    - I will need to coach the minions on better names for their steeds. "Brownie" and "Fluffykins" or something or another do not inspire fear in the locals.

    - I am attempting to breed faster and faster steeds. Any steeds that do not meet my needs are harvested for leather. The minions do not approve.

    - The minions have requested that I extend the tunnel to allow horse riding in it. I agree that this will be a good mode of transportation and cut down on the 10 minute ride... but I will postpone the extension until my nerves can handle a few more hours and diamond pick axes.

    - We broke ground on the main project today. The PIT has begun. I get assistance from the minions in spurts. Pokeguys minion observed that he can clear topsoil quickly by aggitating the local creepers to explode on the soil. While inefficient I must admit it is slightly amusing. Especially to hear a minion scream, "IT GOT ME!" or just... <boom> "oops...".
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  3. Haha, awesome!
    Make sure your minions don't break any rules, though ;)
    Oh, and I think Fluffykins sounds pretty dangerous! :eek:
  4. Week 3:

    The slave encampment is established. We now have villagers that we are breeding like sheep. These beings are even more mindless than my minions. Only... they don't dig. The Pit has reached a depth of 16. We have much more work to do. Pokeguys minion has worked out a plan for automation of our necropolis tower. Together we have designed a system that should work quite well for this world. Our main storage facility is under construction, and the automation that goes with is underway. We are having trouble finding the required nether crystals in this forsaken place.

    The sheep were dyed today. I don't know which minion did it. They are far too colorful for my tastes. The last thing the necropolis needs is a rainbow of fluffy. The minions forbid me to "correct" the issue.
  5. how wide is the pit?